Jerry Harding
Dec 9

Ah yes, the vague comment where you are not sure if you found the sexual assault supporter or if they are just bitching about Jalopnik grammar.

Dec 7

Or... they have a relatively wealthy government that actually has an interest in helping the population and improving their quality of life. I suppose that does feel like a foreign concept these days...

Dec 1

I think for something to be classified as a secret it should actually be a secret. This information is freely available on hundreds of websites and blogs with a simple Google search.

Nov 20

As someone who hasn’t prepped and detailed many new cars, I can say with certainty that you don’t find it as satisfying only because you’ve done it so many times, to so many cars you didn’t make a commitment to paying for.

Oct 6

The whole “we’ve reached out to [blank] but have not received a comment” is pretty standard for...everywhere, though. It happened to me here. It happens to me elsewhere. I’ve seen it at other outlets as well. It’s a cover-your-butt statement of “yes, we did the right thing and reached out to get the other side’s Read more

Sep 19

I think you meant, sorry I put something completely unrelated to the article in the headline.

Sep 15

Please don’t release it with that plain square grille Nissan... this took me 10 minutes, I’m sure it can be updated at this stage:

Sep 8

This is America where a man who asks for money to turbo his newly bought Lambo gets to be mocked and ridiculed by the very public he is asking money from.

Sep 8

Do lots of research and pick someplace with a track record. It sucks to have to say this, but timely causes bring both fraudsters, incompetent people, and dreamers in over their head to the fundraising party. You want your money to do good, not to be stolen, lost, or wasted. Read more

Sep 2

Counterpoint: Boneless chicken wings are indeed an abomination that should be thrown into the deepest pit of Hell.
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