Jerry Harding
Jul 1

I’d really like to see this in natural lighting conditions and not “in a bubble photography” lighting conditions. Read more

Jun 29

I’ve ordered delivery twice from my favorite pizza place twice over the past month. They are doing contactless delivery, so they ask if you’d like to prepay a tip on your card. Both times I’ve said $10, and to me that seemed reasonable. We are about 15 minutes away and I’m ordering for a family of four - two pizzas, Read more

Jun 18

To be fair that speed differential is because of “success ballast” or whatever BS system they are calling it that they had to cook up to make races even remotely competitive. Which they needed to do because the rising costs drove off everyone other than Toyota. But, I suppose that is a whole other story.

Jun 18

Then go live somewhere with an HOA who rigorously enforces the rules. But David has clearly taken all this in stride and will abide by the codes. 

Jun 17

How much of the Jalopnik commenting section is old enough to know who Earl Scheib is? I’m 38 and by the time I knew any better, he had passed on and his business was already in decline. I only know because of a conversation with a coworker one day that caused me to look up YouTube clips of his commercials about 10 Read more

Jun 16

The service manual for my car calls them the clutch master cylinder and the clutch release cylinder. 

Jun 11

The nurse confirmed that Bull identified the Torchinskys as his attackers and as his sexual partners. Siwinski next turned on his tape recorder and attempted to have Bull reiterate his statements.* At this point, however, Bull began to tire and become drowsy. In addition, Deputy Siwinski apparently had problems Read more

Jun 5

According to them, it’s going to take 29 minutes, but get ready for baroque rotary:

Jun 3

Mazda calls them SSTs or Special Service Tools. Most of them can be improvised. A few are not worth improvisation and are worth sourcing, so research is key.

Jun 2

Well, in that case, I’ll just presume there was brownie points or job preservation involved and you actually hate it like the majority of us. Read more

Jun 2

You probably should have filed this one to the Hot Takes Department, Justin.