Very Hungry Jennibeth-erpillar
Feb 8 2017

Can we not progress and move forward with more important societal issues than color of skin Read more

Jan 27 2017

The funny thing is, she wasn’t being rude or snarky at all. She was just politely and matter-of-factly informing us that our information, as far as she knew, was irrelevant to her.

Jan 27 2017

I used to volunteer a lot for Planned Parenthood in Los Angeles, and much of that was “community outreach” — going to communities that had a clinic and passing out information about the services it offered. The very first time I did one of those, I had what remains the most rewarding and simultaneously most Read more

Jan 14 2017

That Asshole: my inauguration is going to be the yugest, most glamorous star-studded amazing event ever. All the biggest names are calling me up, begging to perform for me and my supporters!

Jan 11 2017

This is what happens when the government funds anti-abortion facilities that blatantly disguise themselves as health centers. There are more of these “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” in the U.S. than abortion providers, and states in the Midwest and South are saturated with them. (Check out this mini documentary from Vice Read more

Aug 17 2016

my mom is now in her 60s and survived cancer last year, and has now made getting stone one of her bucket list items. like, she brings it up ALL the time. i have not yet been brave enough to offer her some of the brownies currently sitting on my kitchen counter. her fav line: “i lived through the 70s, but was a Read more

Feb 23 2016

As a teacher, I do not want to be forced to carry a gun. I’m not good under pressure and would probably be useless in that sort of situation, scary as it is to think about. Read more

Feb 21 2016

So you think that all people with HIV/AIDS got it because they didn’t take personal responsibility? Is it lonely on your pedestal?

Feb 21 2016

Sometime we can have nice things. This is great news. A cure for HIV/AIDS, of course would be optimal, that doesn’t detract from the life saving outcome of this opportunity.