Very Hungry Jennibeth-erpillar

This gown is all my childhood wedding dreams come true. Read more

Omg chickenfreude. 😁 Yassss Read more

I got through all of these- sour cream blondie guy, jelly pizza people, scalding hot dish lady, even caramel woman!- without gagging. And coffee grounds guy totally did it for me. Read more

WHITE WOLF!!!! 😍😍😍 I used to go there every year with my mom until she got sick. So... About 18 years? Read more

This is insulting to the Nazgul. Read more

My only goal in life for tomorrow morning is to get waffles during my break at work. Read more

I would watch that Halle Berry movie. Read more

That is 1000% what I got from this. Read more

I love all of this. 😍 RBG is so lovely!!!! Read more

THIS. I travel quite a bit as well and decided that I was going to get every vaccination I could, just in case I decided to go somewhere where I could run into typhoid or yellow fever, etc. Besides the pain (MMR stings!) I got no side effects from the vaccinations, and what’s more, I don’t have to worry about it for Read more

Such an amazing piece, and having travelled through much of California’s national parks and forests with my mum and her partner my whole life, I could definitely relate- even travelling with other women isn’t safe. Read more

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee someone went there I was so hoping someone would go there!!!!! yaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy! Read more

My initial reaction to it is “OMG VOMIT ACIDITY OVERLOAD!!!” but my go-to drink of choice is a screwdriver (or vodka orange juice, if you’re not from America) and I realize, logically, that there is little to no difference between the two. I have no doubt that vodka and cherry lemonade would be delicious (like the Read more

The first time I heard someone order a “lemonade vodka” I nearly vomited in my mouth because ew. Then the drink came and it was clear and fizzy and I was confused as fuck but I didn’t care enough to follow up. Read more

When my mom was dying the manager of the store pulled me into his office, told me that he was trying to find a way to fire me without cause (which they couldn’t do because I was a union employee), and that his mom died a few years before (the guy was over 70 so his mom died of natural causes) and he wasn’t all upset Read more

Jesus Christ, thank god. Even with Tony Abbott and some of the fuckwads running around over here, surely Australia can’t be that fucking stupid. Read more

We ordered our cake literally two weeks before our wedding. Which was the week after Easter. During school holidays (here in Australia) which is a massive thing. Read more