9/20/19 6:16PM

I recently saw a buzzfeed or Twitter slide show of before and after school shots and the kids (of all races) looked like they had gone through a tornado by 3pm. Pristine braids gone, outfits stained and ripped, lopsided hairdos, etc. Kids are magnets for mess. 

9/18/19 1:58PM

I had such bad heartburn that I asked my friends to tell people when I inevitably died of it, to tell everyone I died of something more glamorous. My kid was a cue-ball till 20 months.

8/14/19 12:45PM

Dentist opinion time: those teeth are too long for his lip line. They may have been in the right place initially and then Botox froze his lip, so now we’re seeing too much tooth show, or he just got his teeth done and they are too long. The color is terrible because they are too mono-chromatic, natural teeth have a Read more

7/10/19 4:42PM

Anyone who can take the Senate floor away from that evil turtle is good enough for me.  I don’t care if she’s Manchin’s long lost twin and won’t hang with the democrats on key votes. For now, just unseat that asshole. 

7/09/19 2:08PM

I have a daughter conceived through IVF and have had several failed embryo transfers, and I just don’t understand how this is possible. The number of places where I’ve had to read off tags, matched numbers, checked my name, my social security number, showed ID even though I know every nurse in the building,etc. Read more

7/09/19 2:01PM

I basically was incapable of reading for months and summer seems to have been s break through for me. Recently I’ve really liked ‘Listen to the Marriage’, ‘The book of Essie’ and ‘The Island of Sea Women’.

7/07/19 6:45PM

Our day care is a fuckton and we started at 4 months (I took 9 weeks and my husband took the remaining time) for our now 3 year old. Here was the advantages for us as things to think about that some day cares offer vs others: no laundry—a lot of daycares make you bring bibs, sleep sacks, sheets, etc. For us not having Read more

5/23/19 12:53PM

I used to feel conflicted about this topic because people can be progressive in some arenas and more centrist in others, but now I’m just at “FUCK THAT”. If you can’t get on board with being pro-life, pro-ACA, pro doing something about climate change, it’s time for that person to GTFO. Read more

5/15/19 2:40PM

I’m very curious if we’ll start seeing women (with or without families) leaving states like Alabama and Georgia.  Obviously it takes resources to move, but when you paint a picture like this, seems impossible to stay put.  

5/12/19 6:28PM

There are generally three ways to use extra embryos without discarding: 1) donate to another woman via embryo adoption (woman 2 does an IVF cycle with the embryo from woman 1) 2) what’s often referred to as “compassionate transfer”, you basically transfer the embryo at a time in a woman’s cycle when she’s not going to Read more

5/12/19 6:23PM

My biggest problem since becoming a mom is that I'm always fucking dirty and I hate paying a lot for clothing that can be worn for 10 minutes before toddler hands maul me.  My only solution has been J Crew factory and the fancier Target stuff.  Please send help.  

5/08/19 2:48PM

I’m very sorry for your loss.  I just had a chemical pregnancy and cannot imagine if I had been further a long and then add fear onto the misery of the situation.  Anyone who votes for this has no understanding of biology and no compassion for any woman. 

5/08/19 9:57AM

The hypocrisy of “small government except for when it comes to uteruses” makes me want to start torching things.  

5/06/19 9:38PM

I was (maybe still am) confused when I saw the theme is ‘Camp’ and didn’t understand if everyone was supposed to wear high-heeled hiking boots. Now I’m just not really sure how we’re defining the other kind of camp or how most of these outfits fit that category.  

5/01/19 8:08PM

Something that most people who conceive naturally never think about is the mental toll infertility takes. It’s reallt hard to think about what’s happening/not happening inside you every day for years. 

5/01/19 8:07PM

I volunteer with my local Resolve group and one of the most common things I encourage people to do is to get a second opinion. Your time is too valuable (and the money is too great) than if you don’t feel like your doctor is taking you seriously, find someone who will. 

5/01/19 8:04PM

This is probably the #1 most anger inducing thing in the world for me. It’s not the infertile couple’s job to fix the foster/adoption system. Read more

4/30/19 2:07PM

I’ve gone through a lot of fertility treatment (including ivf) and not only is it expensive as you think (and the meds are outrageous), it’s a huge burden on your time-so, so many appointments, missing work, rearranging work, and then waiting for phone calls from doctors and nurses. My schedule isn’t that flexible but Read more

4/28/19 9:11AM

I can’t speak for endometrial hyperplasia, the I’ve had approximately a zillion transvaginal ultrasounds (thanks infertility!) and it’s not bad at all. It’s basically a large dildo with a very lubed condom, so as long as you’re reasonably relaxed, it just slides in. It’s was less uncomfortable than a pelvic exam or Read more