2/22/21 2:55PM

Yup. There was a family photo in the documentary where Soon-Yi was wearing an oversized t-shirt and shorts. She looks like a child. She dressed like a child. She was a child. Read more

9/22/20 2:35PM

A child can still have genuine joy, excitement, and understanding for an event or activity they don’t remember as an adult

10/28/19 4:45PM

This is more of the same we have been dealing with since Al Franken was forced to step down: Republicans dealing with a different set of rules than Democrats with these things. Specifically that Democrats (as a whole, including politicians, constituents, and “our broadcasters”) are subjecting ourselves to punishment Read more

10/28/19 10:22AM

Um...why would you turn something in to the “lost and found”,if someone “left it for you”? I’m sure there is a procedure if guests do leave/forget something at a hotel,but the first part of her statement contradicts the second part. Read more

10/05/19 3:51PM

This is kind of what I expect a good leader to do. And I actually respect the fact that they haven’t publicly said what he did. I think that’s the professional and correct approach. Read more

9/25/19 1:54PM

It also skips right over the fact that while teen smoking had almost been eradicated prior to the introduction of vaping/e-cigarettes, nearly 40% of high school seniors have vaped within the last year and the massive amount of nicotine ensure they are quickly addicted.

9/25/19 10:15AM

Tell that to my friend’s fiancee and his family....he is sitting in the hospital right this very second with a lung infection that won’t go away and is resisting all forms of antibiotic. He didn’t vape any blackmarket THC. He has been vaping, normally and legally for about 2 years. Read more

9/18/19 7:39PM

I’m still surprised when I’m reminded that Warren is 70. Woman does not look or act 70. I wish I had as much energy and I’m 29.

9/17/19 4:29PM

I am 38 weeks pregnant and can confirm that there are LITERALLY NO COMFORTABLE SLEEPING POSITIONS WHEN YOU ARE WITH CHILD. If I sleep on my right side or my back, one or more of my limbs tends to get numb and tingly. It is only through the complicated placement and eternal readjustment of the approximately 957 pillows Read more

9/16/19 4:31PM

I’ve learned that the best jobs tend to be ones where they’re just giving you money to do a job and go home. Every place I’ve worked that had a “mission” or some kind of lofty goal was an absolute dumpster fire, and then tried to guilt everyone into accepting shitty conditions, treatment, or pay because it was “for Read more

9/16/19 3:45PM

Just got back from a Patagonia CM factory in Vietnam. Can’t say the name, but conditions were rad, they had child care and overall experience was great. Read more

9/16/19 2:04PM

That’s the thing, though. What company’s known not to be shitty?

8/23/19 6:35PM

This one is easy: Treating servers\retail people\delivery people...anybody who serves the personal servants to be insulted and abused. I don’t care how nice you may be to me. If you can’t treat another human being who is doing an often thankless job with common decency, that to me signals a serious Read more

8/23/19 6:13PM

Dumped a guy over his heavy Boston accent. I just couldn’t handle the way he would talk during sex, saying “Oh my gawd, ya tits are ahwsome!”. It was like banging Ted.