jdrgoat - Ponticrack?
Sep 13

Which ZR-1 are you referring to? The 1990 had 375, then bumped up to 405 in later years, even the C3 versions had more than 325.

Jul 20 2019

One thing I really hate is people that generalize generations. It’s dumb, and often inaccurate. I will bet anyone a nickel that boomers will be 60%+ of the buyers of this thing. My dad (age 70) has always hated the Corvette and think this one is finally one he might consider.

Jul 20 2019

I’m reminded of the first gen NSX back in 89 or whenever it was. Utterly changed supercars forever from unlivable crap into something you could daily drive. I’m not sure what this is going to change (maybe just charging an arm and a leg for supercars), but I bet it’s as significant.

May 9 2019

You do realize that basically all of the SUVs got fake tips now right? Even a lot of sports cars got fake exhaust tips. Read more

Apr 23 2019

They definitely fucked it up with Buell. That’s the only motorcycle I’ve ever really wanted. 

Apr 15 2019

But he didn’t leave off the :1, that would be “3.55".  He wrote “3:55" which is just wrong.  And that’s the second time I’ve noticed that on this web site.

Apr 11 2019

I actually have a prepared copy of this that I wrote up years ago. That allows me to simply cut and paste into forums anytime this issue comes up. Read more

Apr 11 2019

Who the hell do you think designs and engineers powertrains and automobiles? Janitors and circus clowns? Read more

Apr 11 2019

3 Box design, 4 doors. If it has a tonneau cover, its a sedan.

Apr 11 2019

I still think bet bang right now is a Solstice GXP or Sky Redline. 10k for clean 50k miles. GMPP ecu flash is 600$. Weighs 2900lbs. 290hp and 340ft lbs. Rear wheel drive with an LSD and wide ass tires. If you wanna mod it you can get 375hp at the wheels with about 1.5k in additions. Will run circles around an ST. Plus Read more