10/07/18 6:44PM

but if the spirit of the rule is to protect players—which clearly did not happen here—then why wasn’t something even temporarily called?
Read more

10/07/18 2:04PM

Got one better: remember when the Repubs and their propoganda arm went apeshit over the GSA’s trip to Vegas during the previous Administration (despite it was a planned convention years in advance)? Speaking of which... Read more

10/07/18 12:39PM

Indiana’s only worthwhile contribution is corn which is like giving water credit for being wet, the whole state is like a fucking open air walmart that gives voice to horrible politicians with backward, regressive views. Burn that fucker to the ground and break out the salt.

10/07/18 11:34AM

Did we have a black president then? If so, that makes all the difference in the world. 

10/07/18 11:32AM

Remember when Fox News and WaPo flipped out over $16 muffins at Justice Department training events?

10/07/18 11:21AM

I’m tired of the Angry White ManTM. (Wish I knew how to do superscript) Just...enough already. Sit down and shut up.

10/07/18 11:16AM

Khabib should not have jumped over the cage to attack Conor’s BJJ guy who was spouting verbal garbage at him throughout his big moment. He should indeed be penalized. Read more

10/07/18 11:09AM

I haven’t seen anyone justify Khabib’s actions.  What I do see is a lot of people wanting Dana and the UFC to admit that they did spur this on.  They sat idly by and let Connor say vile things all because it sold PPVs.  Now the ramifications of letting Connor run wild and using his words in their marketing campaign Read more

10/07/18 10:49AM

There are 100%, without a fucking doubt, McGregor fans (not all, but for sure some) who are indulging in white power fantasy with him. The brash, swag, shit taking white guy comes in and insults (usually racially) and beats up brown people? They fucking love it. Read more

10/07/18 10:42AM

Connor and White seemed to be the only ones not picking up on the fact that Khabib was not fucking playing. Connor comes out like a cartoon villain, insulting Khabib’s family, manager, culture and religion, he throws a fake fucking kick at the weigh in and Khabib does nothing. Because you know where he’s from it’s not Read more

10/07/18 10:37AM

I honestly can’t read anyone praising McGregor for anything—and I have relatives who adore him—without wondering how they’d feel about him if his skin was a few shades darker. Read more

10/07/18 10:36AM

 It's actually more like an asshole swallowing itself

10/07/18 10:32AM

So like, the Venn diagram of people who still like McGregor and MAGA chuds is a single overlapping circle, right?