10/07/18 11:17PM

I feel like at least the NHL generally suspends by games for on-ice actions...? And the NFL generally fines a flat rate which is much less a deterrent for the “star players”making bank and more a punitive punishment to veterans making the minimum and rookies on their first contracts. The players more likely needing to Read more

8/31/18 3:07PM

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. There’s still plenty of meat under that film. Now you take this home, fry it in a pan, add some cheese, a slice or two of white bread. Baby, you’ve got a sandwich going.”

6/24/18 9:26PM

The discount code for the rolling cart doesn;t seem to work...

The discount code for the rolling cart doesn;t seem to work...

6/17/18 11:19AM

The PA announcer giving that idiot the Nelson Muntz “HA HA!” at the end of the second vid...

6/11/18 9:45PM

This is too obvious a take to not have already been made but Lebron likes the East because it’s the obviously easier of the two routes to the finals every year. However, he also purposefully builds a shitty roster so that when they inevitably lose to a Western Conference team, blame is deflected from him and onto his Read more

5/23/18 10:20PM

You really should spend some time apart for the sake of the relationship.

5/12/18 8:31PM

Hello, friend! I, too, really like this film. It really is a great blend of fun, humor, and scares.

5/12/18 7:08PM

The Lions should’ve hired you to draft their statement because that’s infinitely more informative and explanatory than whatever bumbling words they’ve been putting out there. Probably would’ve curbed much of the chatter.

5/12/18 6:46PM

D’Amato will definitely whine about the obvious backlash to his shitty article and will definitely blame it on some combo of ‘pc culture’, his opinion not being within the narrow range of the acceptable ones in this political climate, the hateful left, who are the real racists, and Obama.