Cool Yer Heels Mabel!
5/20/15 3:03PM

I agree for the most part but I am doubtful the working poor are the consumer base driving the retail economy. What you have instead are a majority middle class (even if lower middle class) making up the bulk of the sales. Read more

5/20/15 2:25PM

Weird, creepy, and unsettling. But what laws did he break? “Contributing to the delinquency of a minor” indicates that the minor’s acts were in some way unlawful...so I guess public indecency? Legal minds want to know...

5/20/15 2:08PM

Sorry, low-paid Global Studies professor here, so this one hits close to home. It’s not difficult to shop ethically on a budget—but it does take more effort. It means cruising high-end consignment stores, it means checking labels, and shopping fair trade shops (like globalgirlfriend.com)—many of which are way cheaper Read more

5/20/15 1:48PM

You have the budget. It’s just difficult to (A.) take the time and effort to find things made “ethically” that suit your style as well as wallet and (B.) to accept that you need far LESS than you think if the clothing IS well-made. Read more

5/20/15 1:39PM

I wish I could remember the name of this French “60 Minutes” style show I watched on cable over a year ago. That did a FASCINATING hour-long expose of how the “Made in Italy” label on high-priced designer goods can be very misleading. With subcontracting happening using illegal or sweatshop labor of illegal Asian and Read more

5/20/15 1:34PM

Buying at consignment stores that have nicer items, like Buffalo Exchange, might be a good option. at least isn't *directly* supporting the clothing companies that sell sweatshop made items, even if they sell it second hand. Also I buy a lot of American Apparel on ebay, so much cheaper there!

5/20/15 11:18AM

You know what’s funny? I’m pretty sure Mary herself would be facepalming at these jackasses. After all, she got to choose whether to be pregnant. Her consenting to have God’s kid is, like, a central element in Catholicism.

5/20/15 11:13AM

File under: Another problem that could have been solved by single payer.

5/20/15 12:13AM

Again, people who can “scrape” 750k from friends and family aren’t struggling to get by. That’s a ton of money. Not set for life money, but not living hand to mouth either, and well out of the reach of at least 90% of the population of the US. The average McDonald’s franchise pulls in $2.5 million a year. Yes lots of Read more

5/19/15 11:16PM

You’re exactly right; they’re running a BUSINESS. So if the food is being paid for, they shouldn’t give a flying fuck who is receiving it.
Have you ever been homeless or known someone who has been homeless? You’re showing an amazing lack of empathy in your post - it sounds like you think just because something is Read more

5/19/15 5:10PM

This is 100% true. My mother attended a nursing program at this campus. They were forced to allow fellow students to perform pelvic exams on them, even the male nursing students got to examine their female classmates. It was allegedly voluntary, but it was clear that if you refused it would affect your grades. Read more

5/19/15 4:44PM

What the ever loving fuck?!? Did the fellas get a prostate examining anal probe in front of classmates? I bet not.

5/19/15 2:49PM

I don’t know how to wear statement necklaces and have them not look absolutely ridiculous on me. This is another one of those case where I just have to get used to it, right? Because I look like an IDIOT, but I tend to think they work quite well on others. Read more