Cool Yer Heels Mabel!
5/19/15 4:19PM

I don’t think that’s a necklace, though. You can see the sheer mesh on her right shoulder which makes me think it’s all part of her top. Otherwise, the mesh wouldn’t be there.

5/19/15 4:11PM

Pretty sure this is part of her top, not a necklace. You can see the meshy part of the blouse on her right shoulder.

5/19/15 12:51PM

I dunno. It kind of seems to me like asking someone in college what they did in elementary school. Who knows, who cares, is this really something you want to talk about now that we’re grown-ups? Like, when I met and fell for my husband, all of the other relationships and sex and stuff just seemed like practice for the Read more

5/19/15 12:45PM

The answer to all of the above is no. Different strokes and all that. What works for us doesn’t work for everyone and vice versa.

5/19/15 12:41PM

Rather than finding a partner who doesn’t make snap judgements based on your sexual history, why not find one who gives no fucks and asks no questions about your sexual history?

5/19/15 12:35PM

Not hiding anything. There just has never been any reason for it. It’s never been relevant to our relationship.

5/19/15 12:18PM

My husband and I not only have never revealed our Number to each other, we have never once talked about any prior relationships. Ever. Married 15 years, together for 20 and happily none the wiser.

5/19/15 11:27AM

The evidence I have is living in Philadelphia where everyone knows the difference between gelati and gelato, even the hardcore Italians, especially the hardcore Italians in South Philly where there is a gelati stand on every other corner.

5/19/15 9:37AM

Late to this but you are being kind of an asshole for someone who is wrong. Gelati and gelato are two different things. Gelato is ice cream; gelati is ice cream or custard with Italian ice.

5/08/15 6:39PM

The cake smashing, I mean, feeding the cake to each other. Nothing says healthy marriage like disrespecting your spouse an hour after you say ‘I do’.

5/08/15 6:38PM

It might be awkward, but dancing the dollar dance for 45 minutes earned us over $2500. Nice spending money for the honeymoon!