Nov 29

Common misconception, only with AWD are you able to safely come to a stop on a slick surface or recover from a skid.

Nov 29

Snow tires are a scam. If your tires have tread, you’ll be fine. What you need is an AWD crossover. Not many people realize that AWD cars also have all wheel steering and all wheel braking, providing an advantage over regular cars which can only use two wheels to stop or turn. Read more

Sep 16

If I had to guess, I’d say people are leaving California due to the heartbreaking wildfires that seem to get worse and worse every year.
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Aug 6 2019

The take rate for the convertible C7 was lower than that of the take rate for the manual trans in the C7, yet they’re still doing a convertible C8. I leave it to you to figure out which option consumes more R&D, money, and government certification time/trouble. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Aug 6 2019

The overall take rate for the C7 across all years and models was near enough one third, which is a very high take rate when compared to many other cars that offer a manual. I’d hate to see what you think a normal take rate is if that’s “ridiculously low.” The take rate for the manual in the C7 was higher than the Read more

Jun 17 2019

2015-current GT350 has “SHELBY” debossed onto the front splitter.

Mar 22 2019

Fun fact!  There are about as many 2016-2018 Shelby GT350's out there as there are 2016-2018 FRS/GT86's (U.S. numbers only.)

Mar 15 2019

I don’t think most of anyone jumped ship, the current gen is selling way better than the last gen was. And the V8 with the new A10 is doing very well at the drag strip with very basic mods. 

Feb 20 2019

A full set of Michelin Pilot Super Sports for my GT350 is less than $1500. No way that kind of money makes sense for a Silverado. 

Feb 8 2019

Do you actually own a Taco? The fuel economy in the real world is far worse than the EPA estimates. Read more

Feb 7 2019

I like to think that Rory lost his co-host job because he badged a GT Mustang up to a Shelby. Read more

Jan 24 2019

The new “Hangouts Chat” is basically a disaster right now. While the phone client seems okay, lots of features are missing including group chats. And if you want to use it on Windows, forget about it. There’s no web client and the downloadable program they offer is a complete turd. It’s unforgivably slow (talking Read more

Jan 13 2019

No, it doesn’t. The GT350 has vertical vents which the GT500 lacks. This has been evident in the Ford teaser video, the leaked pictures from the dealer event, and test mules. 

Jan 11 2019

I won’t do business any other way these days.  Bought my last three cars negotiating over email first.  Getting financing setup ahead of time is a plus, also.  I must have set a record when I bought my Mustang two years back, I was in and out of the dealership in 45 minutes.

Dec 20 2018

If your public IP is visible, your VPN is configured incorrectly or your browser isn’t configured to use it.

Dec 19 2018

Is the IP shown on the website your actual public IP or that of your VPN provider?

Dec 18 2018

IP-based geolocation is actually inaccurate enough that when companies do use it to pin down your location, it can cause issues. For example, I had to cancel my Hulu Live TV subscription because the geolocation had me pegged over forty miles away (far enough that I couldn’t get my local channels) and Hulu support was Read more