Sep 16

Because Jalopnik only can explain anything with their global warming narrative. We get fires every year and for most people it’s 1-2 weeks of bad air quality. Nobody is moving out of the state because of it. A few isolated mountain towns burn but that’s been going on for 50 years.
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Apr 14

Learn new and better ways to spy on our citizens? No fucking thank you. Johnny Law doesn’t need to knock on people’s door for posting 10 year old pics. Read more

Jan 30

with a track record like that, surely the government can do a bang-up job of handling something as simple as nationalized healthcare.

Jan 22 2020

There is no proof that he did that though, is there? It’s all “I presumed” or “I assumed” with NOTHING shown to have come from POTUS himself. The biggest piece of evidence was the phone calls, which shows nothing concrete. No president, regardless of political affiliation, should be impeached based on the evidence Read more

Oct 23 2019

As someone who has played with projectors for years and has several, I can’t get over the low lumens on all of these Anker projectors. Read more

As someone who has played with projectors for years and has several, I can’t get over the low lumens on all of these

Oct 17 2019

Network storage is also supported via SMB (maybe HTTP/FTP/AFP as well? not sure). Hit the triple dots in the upper right and “Connect to Server”. It creates a persistent entry on the Browse screen until you hit Eject, but it doesn’t matter if the server isn’t always available. I use this to connect back to my NAS from Read more

Oct 15 2019

Most Americans aren't racist. His campaign ad isn't racist. He called her that right in front of native American veterans and they laughed. They weren't offended at all. They are offended at Elizabeth Warren lying about being native American. 

Oct 3 2019

Completely disagree.  Phones are too damn big.  Period.  6 and a half inch screen?  Seriously?  Dude, you’re like the kid with the Bowmar brain on his belt in junior high.  Nobody wanted to sit with him either.  It’s supposed to be a portable phone, dammit.  Profiles like the Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact, and the Read more

Oct 3 2019

This is a bad take and you should feel bad. While i have begrudgingly accepted the larger screen on the current generation of phones, the increased portability and comfort of the smaller form factor of previous generations outweighs being able to see a few more lines of text.