Errant apostrophe’s drive me InSanE.

Glick gets my click 100% of the time.

Who pissed in your cheerios this morning, Bradley?

If you're trying to get to the finish line faster than the other guy, you're racing.


I bought a replacement rear blade for the Pajero about a year ago, only to realize that the rear arm is not evenly remotely close to a universal mount. I can’t believe I never knew about this. I’m going to go out there today and see if I can pull the rubber off the replacement assembly and install it on the OEM Read more

I can't wait to see the videos of these trucks literally breaking in half from a flat landing after getting 80' of vertical air.

How about a V5, Jason? You hear anything about a V5?

To be fair ... it’s an object, it’s flying, and (to them) it is unidentified ...

I am really really really really really excited for this movie EXCEPT ... I really really really really really really am having a hard time seeing Jason Momoa as Duncan Idaho. I don’t know why. Maybe because he’s my favorite character (and, of course, the real central character throughout all of the books) and I Read more

Didn’t Mercedes have a screen that showed different information based on viewing angle? So basically the driver saw driver-relevant content and the passenger saw passenger-relevant content, but at the same time. Read more

I’d totally do this if I could write and had anything interesting to say.

Throw a giant Snickers bar in there, see what happens. Who knows maybe it’ll help?

Meh. They look okay from afar but when you get closer ... they didn’t know when to stop CADing.

Wait, when did it change from “Crack Pipe” to “No Dice”

In an old Mitsubishi diesel, the clutch smell creeps up on you as you think “why are there so many dead, rotting animals in this offroad park” Read more