Nov 12

This might be the dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever heard. Maybe you can tax the companies who employ those who work from home, since they are saving money by not having to provide as much office space, office supplies, technology (network bandwidth), etc.

Nov 11

You are relentless and I love you for it.

Nov 11

That argument about copyright has me worried the comments are next on the chopping block.

Nov 3

Town Clerk appreciation post. Our newly elected town clerk has been working nights and weekends. She responds directly to voters who are having questions about how to vote. I feel lucky to live in a town where I have confidence in the intentions and capabilities of those responsible for tabulating the votes. Read more

Oct 19

I consider this not only appropriate usage, it is almost a perfect example of a hero.

Oct 16

Always a thrill to see an article about the Ridley Scott Superbowl commercial.

Oct 7

A higher quality car means that you’re less likely to buy a new one in five years.

Oct 1

Can we get the videos to stop following the text?

Oct 1

You’ve probably never tried to keep a 7 sec drag car going in a straight line at full bore before. Let alone drive a dragster for 3.6 sec @ 334 mph in a 1/4 mile. It’s much more difficult than it looks.  

Sep 25

I pretty much run the beam style exclusively now, but I have to say- the monoblade on my mercedes is hard to find in beam size and the genuine factory mercedes rubber is like 15 bucks, about half what a beam blade costs and I only need one on top of that. Not that I drive that car in the rain, but it’s nice for Read more