12/13/17 10:51AM

I loved the Young Pope, it’s one of my favorite things on TV in years, and I’m glad that its getting love. Read more

12/26/14 3:24PM

Seems like Watson provided the best analysis one could get; outside just asking Stephen Colbert...

11/24/14 4:05PM

By Any Other Name references two or three first season episodes. For 1967 that's a lot.

11/17/14 11:06PM

One of the dumbest movies I've ever loved. It was gorgeous and stupid and awesome and silly and a delicious mess from one end of the train to the other. It works equally well as science fantasy and as satire of science fantasy. You can take it seriously or not, and still enjoy it either way.

11/17/14 9:13PM

Those were the people in the Rave scene that were all hopped up on drugs. If I'm not mistaken. The Film gets real metaphorical, but I think the theme overpowers any logic problems.

11/17/14 6:44PM

This fucking movie. Evans absolutely kills it, and the school scene is chilling. It's on Netflix, so go out and watch it!

11/06/14 11:10AM

They've been trying to get him on Hannibal for over a year, and he hasn't bit. So he may not be too interested in acting anymore.

11/06/14 8:50AM

db had a heart attack at the end of the Reality tour, and has (more or less, this is Bowie, after all) retired from touring. There is a video of that tour, which is worth a visit.

11/06/14 7:28AM

The upgrade to Jareth's look really nails it. I could totally see it working for modern audiences.

11/06/14 7:14AM

I would watch the hell out of this. Somebody make this happen, please. I don't think Bowie is touring at the moment, and I'm sure you could convince Connelly to sign on... someone, anyone.