12/18/17 1:42AM

Are you seriously asking? I thought it was mind bending and beautiful. Not everyone had that reaction. I think it was divisive with more positive than negative reviews. But some hated the slow pacing and retro effects. It was so different. You cannot expect the manic chatty chaos that you get in most shows. It’s Read more

12/18/17 1:38AM

Baskets! I love that show. Should be on more lists

12/31/14 4:11PM

Just googled it myself. Just put in the number in the mirror image. It's 666 in binary code.

11/06/14 7:37AM

As far as I know he doesn't ever want to tour again. I have a feeling he doesn't want to do major movie roles either but I could wrong. He is still making new music so.

10/09/14 9:59PM

The fact that we are flying through space on this orb is what makes me realize that life is too random and chaotic and horrible and beautiful for me to assume that a big humanoid intelligence that evolved magically from nothing has purposely arranged things this way. But that's just me.

10/09/14 8:41PM

She was too young. I just want to know what condition she had. #RIP

10/08/14 3:02PM

A certain aspect of this may have a basis in reality... but like many interactions with others is also about playing a role. I have a bit of "cool girl" .. but certainly never fit the bill, even enough to be a pretender to the type. I scream with bugs, I hate sports and I cannot tolerate violent movies or horror Read more

10/08/14 1:00PM

People can do what they want. I'm not gonna judge it morally.. maybe aesthetically, though. . Personally, I think my ass is big enough. That's one procedure I'm not having.

10/07/14 11:44PM

Well... okay. #fileunderHORRIBLE

10/07/14 11:07PM

Huh?? — Tilts head like a dog that's trying to understand...

10/07/14 10:38PM

My daughter named her female guinea pig "Gandalf" ... Every time I see the little grey thing I think only "Thou shall not pass!"

10/07/14 10:37PM

OMG this guy is hilarious! Pretty good impressions, too. :-)

10/07/14 9:22PM

I was waiting for this... :-)

10/05/14 12:24PM

It is impressive. I'm sure the training required is intense. It appears that she creates one note in her throat and then a high note with her palate and tongue? Still, not aesthetically pleasing or expressive in a way I would like. It's sounds alien..or machine like.. like a UFO landing or something. Part of me would Read more

10/04/14 3:59PM

My ass is too round and I would look ridiculous with a "prosthetic butt." How am I supposed to transport my drugs now?? ;-)

10/04/14 12:11PM

I can see why she did this. Sure, you could say it's wasteful and that there are people starving. But there are many many things that are much more wasteful than permanently changing your looks. Growing old gracefully is something she says she wants. I agree that too much plastic surgery is a problem. You cannot have Read more