Jake Gyllenhaal of Fame
Feb 25 2020

At least that’s subtler than the “Ring a ding ding! Awooooogha! Hubba Hubba! Bow Chika Bow Wow.” sign I saw near some apple pies in 1999.

Feb 24 2020

When I grow up I’m going to Bovine University.

Jan 30 2020

One could even say you combed the Bible and didn’t find shit.

Dec 6 2019

Many years ago I was minding my business at a local bar when a fight broke out at a table next to me. It escalated into full mayhem, five to ten people involved, wild hay-makers, chairs were thrown, tables upset, chaos. I didn’t move. I just sat where I was and drank my beer and watched the madness around me. Mostly Read more

Dec 5 2019

How long do people keep sushi, poke, and maki around before eating it? We always eat it day of purchase and I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Nov 7 2019

the cover of “where did you sleep last night?” from this is musical perfection. glad that kurt turned down an encore, stating that he could not outdo that performance. 

Nov 6 2019

How can you forget the scene with Dan Ackroyd in Ghostbusters? And now that I think about further, the name Ghost... busters takes on a different meaning in the context of that scene.

Oct 24 2019

In that case, you’re masking the problem and making it worse. It IS that simple. You pay your staff enough in wage or other benefits to staff your business and charge appropriately, and price that way. If you can’t remain competitive, there’s something wrong with your business plan. Read more

Oct 18 2019

This is most likely my all time favorite horror movie. The scene when they are defib Norris, only for his chest to open up and bite off the other guy’s hands still makes me jump.