I Will Always Be The Honey Badger

More like an airport car I’d say.

Also since a 454 is 7.43L.  Read more

Nice to have an Oppo alum on the front page. G/O or whoever the hell is in charge of content around here, this is what we come here to see. We don’t want regurgitated press releases and three sentence captions over a youtube video.  Read more

In Canada the Spark starts at $9998 CAD. Which currently is only $7524.99 USD. Read more

The diesel Ram 2500 and 3500's could be had with a 6 speed manual.  Read more

Let’s see if he admits to being wrong.  Read more

I want a first gen Jeep Liberty in 4WD with a manual & the 3.7L V6.

Didn’t we figure this out a long time ago?

Ford apparently did budget 3.5 BILLION dollars for the ‘86 Ford Taurus. More then the entire Italian company was worth.  Read more

Go to Nissan Dealership. Buy a 2019 Versa S brand new with a full warranty. Finance it for ~$200 month / 5 years with no down payment. Always have reliable transportation with no headaches leaving you free to tinker on Jeeps. Read more

David - Cooling related question! I work in very, very far north Chrysler dealer. Can you give me a number as too how cold, on average, our vehicles are designed to operate properly at?  Read more

You will die of dehydration long before you die of starvation.  Read more

Unlikely choice of automobile, but that profile sure looks like an Allante.

Red Green did that a long time ago. Since I’m too lazy for a video, here’s a picture. If you’re not Canadian, you have no idea what I’m talking about.

If you try to give me a 2009 Dodge Caliber, I will run you over with it. If it will start. Read more

Will it be undrivable even in 2wd? Read more

Somebody ask Tracy if I should put lunchbox lockers front and rear in a ‘97 TJ. Read more