I Will Always Be The Honey Badger
Mar 11

I’ll meet you there, then. I’m fine with hurting myself if I crash, but if I kill a passenger because of something I did, I can’t live with that. Also, I don’t want cargo that can shift its own weight without warning.

Mar 10

I've expected for a while to see Mitsubishi and Toast in the same headline.

Jan 9

Years ago, Harley-Davidson and Ford sold a co-branded F-150 pickup alongside other special F-150s like the King Ranch, High Country, etc. Read more

Jan 7

That’s what - about 7 minutes exposure until frostbite?  Nope.  Not gonna do it.  Wouldn’t be prudent.

Nov 4

The engine is behind the driver. The front wheels are not driven. I suspect that the reviewer has no idea what heavy steering is.
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Mar 13 2019

But it wasn’t as muscly as something like a Camaro, nor was it as daring as something like a Toyota Celica Supra or a 300ZX. The Laser didn’t really make sense. Read more