Mar 22 2019

This makes me so sad. I started my daughter on the pill at 16 (with her consent after discussion). She hadn’t kissed anyone yet.  I didn’t put her behind the wheel of a car without insurance; and I didn’t think buying insurance meant she would drive recklessly, smash into strange cars, or bring home a rental.  I Read more

Oct 24 2018

Good luck trying to fit an armchair in the freezer

Mar 12 2018

Don’t worry. My protest vote for Jill Stein is going to fix all of this...

Mar 8 2018

Black or charcoal suits for men...females should wear yellow, gold, magenta, cyan, but avoid red, blue or purple.” Read more

Oct 24 2017

Almost everyone who works in the wine industry shortens cabernet sauvignon to ‘cab sauv’ in casual conversation. ‘Cab franc’ happens all day long too. Read more

May 9 2017

Yes. You are 100% right. There has literally never been any other immigrant community in the history of the United States that celebrated the culture of the immigrant community it came from. That’s why Budweiser beer is only a small Czech brewery since all German immigrants to the United States renamed themselves all Read more

Apr 27 2017

“What atrocity has not been done to men in human history?” Men have never been forced to carry and give birth to a child they didn’t want.

Apr 27 2017

Hell, I’m welling up right now thinking about it. That’s a damned well written bit.

Feb 27 2017

I had to check and see if this was the church of a person related to Mr. Levy...’tis not, but I still side-eye the fuck out of the relation (DH has no real relationship with said person, but still...she’s fucking insane). Read more

Feb 17 2017

She’s a good Southern girl. They can shade with a smile on their face any day of the week.