Nope, IUDs are placed squarely in the middle of the uterus.

I have to skip that part every time or I end up bawling like a baby with snot running out of my nose. Read more

omg i’m dying laughing picturing that Read more

I’m sorry, he’s 26? He looks about 45! I guess all that hate just ages people... Read more

Well, I guess that makes it ok to bodysnark on her then. Read more

No, actually I didn’t, and I apologize for getting snarky. I realize it doesn’t happen to all women, but I don’t think that diminishes any of what the original author of the post was trying to say. I’m just tired of those women, like the GamerGate supporters, who seem to believe that just because something doesn’t Read more

#NotAllWomen amiright? This sort of harassment doesn’t happen to me either, for the same reasons that you think it doesn’t happen to you. I at least know that it does in fact happen to other women and can empathize with them when they say it is uncomfortable for them. Do you also believe that GamerGate was about Read more

What a terrible cat. It’s so moist. Read more

I think her point was more that your hair itself, being dead strands of protein, doesn't produce its own oils. Any oil that is in your hair comes from your scalp skin and can therefore be bound by sulfates and washed away. Read more

Perhaps what you might ask instead is if she WOULD marry you, rather than WILL, if that makes sense. Tell her what you just put in your comment and then say, "would you marry me?" as like a hypothetical. Might save both your feelings if she doesn't answer in the affirmative. Read more

Dude, at least it happened in the shower. Can you imagine if it hadn't?? Read more

Thanks! I never knew that's what those were called. Read more

I have never heard it called that before! Consider me edumacated :) Read more

What in the world is a pussy bow? Read more

It would be fantasically epic. I just need some popcorn and a place to watch the explosions. Read more

That is pretty much verbatim what I said after this commercial too. Read more

Yeah a lot of people like the curvy fit (aka the Julie fit FYI). I would just like to say that the jeweled denim skirt is both heinous and hideous and I wouldn't wish it worn on my worst enemy... Read more