Steve is equipped with Electronic Fool Injection
Jun 17 2019
Fears Unfounded

I was awakened this morning by a phone call from a principal where I interviewed Friday. She offered me a job

Jun 15 2019
Not car related.

So here’s a relatively recent conversation with my 12-year-old niece who is obsessed with Panic! At the Disco.

Apr 24 2019
Teacher life.

My favorite part of lesson planning is putting the wrong answers on multiple choice questions

Jan 22 2019
It’s been a while, Oppo

Today is a teacher workday and I’m in a classroom that may or may not become mine within the next few hours. They

Oct 20 2018
Warning: Politics

This happened in the next town over. I find it hilarious and kind of sad. Safety image of the fleet at home.

Sep 10 2018

What do you do if you feel a rumble of gas in class? I’m considering crop-dusting the little psychopath I mentioned