Mar 21

Feinstein’s awful and needs to be gone. That said, she literally lost money on selling biotech stock. She, and one other Republican (can’t recall which one as several names were tossed around), seem to pass the smell test while Loeffler, Burr, Perdue, and Inhofee seem guilty asf. There’s a reason she’s generally not Read more

Mar 20

Not me but something my mother did:
I lived in a remote spot of California growing up. One day on the way to school, we saw the neighbor who lived in the “weird” house walking to town with a suitcase, her dog, and a puffy, red face. Without hesitation, my mom whipped the car over, sternly said “Keep walking, I’m coming Read more

Mar 20

My parents discovered I was gay at the end of my senior year of high school, right before graduation. My father beat me nearly unconscious and I literally ran out of the house with only the clothes I was wearing. I snuck back in twice to get some things, but it barely amounted to a suitcase’s worth of stuff.

I stayed Read more

Mar 20

At the beginning of your story, my eyes went wide, because I have a very similar story — except in my case, I was in Germany and the guy was genuinely trying to be nice and I screamed at him not to bother me, and he carried it anyway and then just walked away.

Mar 19

Wait, I’m pretty sure he broke up with the Kwanzaa cake lady a while ago.

Mar 19

The same thing happened to America with Rudy just after 9/11. THIS WILL PASS.

Feb 19

Which positions, pray tell, are you talking about? The main differences between their biggest positions are minor details at best, because both proposed a wealth tax, student loan forgiveness, and Medicare for All. Read more

Feb 19

Liz’s still the best of the bunch, no matter who leads the polls. I’ll still take her over Bernie a googol out of infinity times.

Feb 19

I plan on voting for Warren in my state’s primaries. She’s the only one left I don’t shudder to think about pulling the lever for. Read more

Feb 19

But, he’s not wrong. He just chose to state a truth in the typical insensitive dickhead boomer way.
As someone who lives in middle america and is obligated to attend many family gatherings with conservative relatives and their occasional MAGA loving friends, that is exactly how “those people” think. The minute any Read more

Feb 19

I’m also voting for him if the he’s the nominee, but I hope he’s not.

Dec 13

Just want to say that “edgelord” is my favorite insult to have emerged this decade.

Nov 26

There is nothing he can say to me that would make me vote for him in the primaries, though, should he win, I’d walk across broken glass to vote for him. Read more

Nov 25

Dgs: you're not getting out of the greys on my account, but you could measure success thusly: Mr. Harriot is a professional writer who is paid to tell compelling stories. You're a sad bag of shit who's reduced to creating burner accounts so you can spend the evening hours trolling folks on this website. Congrats. It Read more

Nov 25

You know what? I’m completely on board with this. I don’t possess a yoni, but being people being comfortable in their own skin is great and I’m sure it probably feels nice. No comment on the “holistic” and “ancient” aspects of it though. 

Nov 19

I’m a gay man, and I would absolutely love to see someone like myself in the Presidency in my lifetime. But please, dear God, don’t let it be this milquetoast, middle of the road, boring, mildly weird white dude.  That’s TOO much like myself.