Mar 21

Different end, same beginning. I was going to school in London and lived by the deepest tube station in the system (20 floors deep, I think?). Read more

Dec 17

This is weeks later, but it’s worth pointing out that a full 70% of under-50 y.o. women on the train dress like this. Chunky sweater, warm leggings, tall boots, knit scarf has been the fall/winter uniform for years now.

Dec 9

Ass skin in just skin. She’s not pressing her vag right on the seat, she’s got underwear on. What’s the big deal?

Nov 26

In fact it’s 30% Black & Hispanic, but you’d never know from looking, which is even worse maybe.

Oct 22

Yeah, other than coffee in the morning, I don’t naturally get hungry until some time after 4pm. I do snack late at night though, so no real weight loss or anything.

Sep 30

This is like when I made the executive decision to ignore all youtube stars.

Sep 30

Some people test poorly but do well in school. Some people (me) test well and do shitty in school. Standardized tests only test how good you are at taking standardized tests.

Sep 30

I’m so old I don’t even care what tiktok is. Also, still trying to figure out this VSCO girl thing.

Aug 12

She also did some quality giant slide time. I think she just likes fairs and drinking.

Aug 2

I mute the alexa occasionally, but beyond that, couldn’t care less if people I have never and will never meet, who only know me as a randomized job number, hear me having sex. What on earth could that possibly matter? Read more

Jul 1 2019

So the Knicks were idiots to sign all those other old, injured players, but they’re also idiots for not signing this old, injured player?

Jun 12 2019

Rather more disrespectful to consider Thailand an “amateur team” than to celebrate scoring a goal against them.

Jun 11 2019

American soccer needs salvation? We just scored 13 goals in the World Cup!