Dec 4

Their story their rules...get over it... and by that I don’t mean that LGBT shoudn’t exist at all or so, Just saying that people shouldn’t get mad about the “teasing” star wars are doing about LGBT characters. Just wait, sexuality shouldn0t be relevant for some stories, for this one is the least relevant at all...

Nov 5

I’ve enjoyed the three shows I’ve watched so far. The Morning Show is probably my least favorite. I’ve been enjoying See way more than I thought I would (on the one hand, I love post-apocalyptic shows, and on the other it looked really dumb), and I can’t wait for the next For All Mankind. My only gripe with the Read more

Oct 31

How tall are you? I’m nearly 6'3" and my knees are pretty much in the back of the seat without them reclining. I’m okay with them reclining a little but there’s a point where they have to stop. If you recline all the way back, my confrontational attitude is going to come knocking.

Oct 31

The person in front of me is not going to recline, whether they want to or not, because there is physically no space for them to do so. But I don’t care for these devices. Why? Because to use them, you have to be able to lower the tray table. If you can do that, then you have at least some room you can sacrifice.  I Read more

Oct 31

If you recline more than half way during daylight hours you are a monster. I actually pack so I can put my hand luggage under the seat in front of me to keep it handy (I knit during long flights), and if someone reclines all the way I can’t get to my stuff without banging the seat.

Which usually gets me screamed at, Read more

Oct 31

I normally don’t have this issue... my knees are normally bracing the seat. Not intentionally I just don’t have any where else to put them.

Oct 29

I was wondering why it wouldn’t install after downloading. The “Install Now” button has been greyed over.

Oct 28


Classic Trek every now and then did some ‘just for fun’ episodes, like this, Tribbles, or Mudd. They were all worth watching, and often threw in a few neat ideas between the giggles.

Oct 28

I’ll be honest: I actually liked “Catspaw.” It wasn’t good, but it was genuinely entertaining and ridiculous.

Oct 23

remember when there was a major security breach when Democrats brought their phones into the border facilities and you guys cheered?

Oct 21

Honestly I was expecting at least a triple-A title or two. As it is it’s basically a collection of mobile games that you pay monthly for. As the current list of titles stands, it doesn’t really feel worth it. I’d rather pay 60 bucks for BL3 once. Maybe proper games are incoming, idk.

Aug 27

This article, and indeed, the Voyager DVD featurette, doesn’t fully describe the premise of the original ride. The story was that you were at Star Trek: Experience, about to get on a Trek-themed motion control ride. The staff spoke as if they were theme park employees, and it seemed a little ho-hum, especially for a Read more

Aug 27

Right? That blew me away. I’ve spent years trying to figure out how they did it. Like, I know how they COULD have done it, but no definitive answer.

May 29 2019

This. It’s much more important to me that my phone is locked down and reliable than even my computer (which, honestly, I hardly ever touch). I like Apple’s approach to the App Store and honestly, it’s part of the reason I never even tried Android. 

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May 29 2019

It’s good. Phones have become an essential enough part of daily life that I’m willing to give up weird apps and customization in favor of stability.