is it about my cube
3/12/20 3:59AM

I think I see the problem. You’re expecting the kind of audience that loves skewering liberals to care about honesty or coherence.

3/12/20 1:50AM

 I’m kinda sad that nothing about this seems remotely salvagable, because I really like to Betty Gilpin.

3/11/20 9:39PM

I feel like this analysis goes out of its way to ignore the far more clear leftist themes; this is a series that focuses intensely on income inequality, and posits it as a deliberate status quo enforced by the powerful. It’s also an explicitly anti-war and anti-violence series. It’s about the exploitation of young Read more

3/11/20 3:49PM

The possibility of Betty Gilpin hunting me for sport gives me such mixed feelings

3/11/20 3:34PM

Meh, I never saw any contemporary American left/right coding in The Hunger Games. Not when the Capital crowd was so heavily coded as Versailles-era French aristocrats.

3/11/20 1:39PM

So, you’re talking about the elites period. They know no party or ideology other than that the country should serve them. Biden is hardly liberal or the elite. He’s small fish.  

3/11/20 1:05PM

If anyone was getting trolled by Tulsa PD’s very specific ruleset, it was your average conservative who believes that government services are a joke compared to a righteous individual who’s willing to do “what it takes”. Read more

3/11/20 12:50PM

This seems like a perfect movie for the Republican crowd with victim complexes and yet they’re the ones that freaked out about it to get it cancelled. Read more

3/11/20 12:07PM

I love, love love, that the intent behind this movie was CLEARLY to get some of that red state money by casting rich coastal liberals as mustache-twirling villains. And STILL they could not penetrate the thick fucking skulls and rabid persecution complexes of their target audience.

3/05/20 11:45AM

The character of Wendy is definitely growing. She had sort of a slow burn the first season. If I recall, they were on headed toward divorce in Chicago and you could call them estranged for at least the first half of the first season. Marty telling her about his work for the cartel and that their lives depended on Read more

3/05/20 1:44AM

This. It's funny how in movies and TV people with problems always have this wonderful support network willing to get them back up to their feet regardless of what harm they do to them while in the real world, most people will ditch you once you stop being "fun", let alone develop a serious problem like depression or Read more

3/04/20 11:16AM

Non-corny? After that trailer, if I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet I wouldn’t be more surprised than I am now. Read more

3/04/20 10:23AM

I thought The Way Way Back was about the trunk of my parents’ station wagon when I was a kid.

2/10/20 12:22PM

As an aside:
I really hate that Infinite Jest has become associated with some kind of misogynistic, incel-style, literary bro culture because it’s an amazing book. Read more

2/06/20 3:13PM

Puts me in mind of the Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. short, The Mystery of the Leaping Fish.” If I remember correctly (it’s been decades and I’d enjoyed an adult beverage or two that evening) it was a broad parody of Sherlock Holmes in which our hero used cocaine more or less as Popeye uses spinach, and in similar amounts. Read more

2/06/20 11:22AM

Hey, it’s superhero David Lee Roth!