Tuesday 1:05PM

Yes, I agree. I think there is some nuance to actors transforming into characters even though Hazel made some excellent points. I don’t remember it totally, maybe watching it back today I wouldn’t like it so much, but as someone who was on the thinner side when I was younger and am now firmly on the fat side, I Read more

6/16/21 10:18PM

Too fucking late I think. I stopped buying from Victoria’s Secret at about 2007. Bras that fit were upwards of $40 and in the sale bin, good fucking luck trying to find your size. I switched to Aerie and I couldn’t be happier not only in terms of fit but also price. 

6/15/21 3:37PM

People want this to be a lab leak because it’s a lot easier to cope with the idea that “if China just had tighter lab security none of this would have happened” than it is to cope with the idea that pandemics are going to pop up every once in a while, and it is painfully obvious that we are totally unprepared in all Read more

6/15/21 2:24PM

To a degree it’s completely beside the point - if it was a lab leak, then it was a virus that was already out there in the wild and could have gotten to humanity at any time.

(Unfortunately, either way, the time happened to be when the dumber among us had partnered with a 220-year-old mistake to put a syphilitic game Read more

6/03/21 2:31PM

This show was about the women, not the men.

6/03/21 2:05PM

Absolutely. Mad Men deserved every award it got. Christina Hendricks was completely brilliant as she played a woman who realized that her sexuality was always, always, always going to be what was noticed first, and how she forced those circumstances in her favor. The fact that it mirrors her actual life is sad, Read more

6/02/21 7:08PM

As a former valedictorian, former Texan, and current abortion care worker: Hell to the Fucking Yes. What courage and smarts she has to do this. Talking about abortion bans in a valedictorian speech is gutsy even in a liberal state. To do so in Texas, even more so times ten. Read more

5/21/21 3:59PM

How about the Jezebel comments section? Can I be horny here? I’m just saying, some of the fellow commenters here know how to spin an exciting anecdote.

5/20/21 5:18PM

Cover up her head and Kendall Jenner truly looks like a Barbie doll come to life.

5/19/21 11:38AM

Ok now you announced it.....SHUT THE FUCK UP.  No press tours, no slap happy ‘associate’ making stupid statements to a frothing Don Lemon....nothing. Read more

5/18/21 7:57PM

Wow, these are some really fucking dumb defenses. Though, I would laugh and laugh and laugh it they somehow turned it into a huge class action suit against Fox News from these people. 

5/18/21 3:11PM

I like how white guys have to worry about imagined threats of things that haven’t happened but they think will, while everyone else has to worry about shit that is actually happening to them right now. Read more

5/18/21 12:47PM

“Can you make a good comedy movie any more, or have they made it so dangerous in terms of being cancelled, that comedy movies are no longer something you can do?”

It’s almost as if comedy is a highly contextual medium, Joe. As the cultural shifts the comedy has to shift with it. If you don’t like it, make better comedy Read more

5/17/21 1:38PM

If I knew which holiday inn bathroom they were in I’d seal the door shut and then brick it up so we didn’t have to deal with these two fucking idiots.

5/17/21 1:13PM

Breyer needs to retire ASAP. He’ll be 83 in August and we don’t need another repeat of RBG. Plus with a 50/50 split in the Senate and a midterm election next year nothing is guaranteed. If Republicans take back the Senate McConnell would have zero qualms about holding a vacancy open for however many years it takes Read more

5/12/21 11:08AM

Cheney seems to think she is battling Trumpism alone. But Trumpism is the entirety of the Republican Party. Trump is the natural conclusion of the anti-intellectualism and state sponsored fake news ushered in by Bush and her father. McCain and Palin entrenched it. Trump is simply benefiting from the ground work laid Read more

5/11/21 12:30PM

Keep in mind; the GOP/conservatives know damn well that this is the truth. That’s not the problem. The problem they have with reliable birth control is that it eliminates both a vital source of control over women and a permanent underclass that can be exploited through generations for reliable voting blocs and cheap Read more

3/10/21 8:31AM

Yes. I’m confident the numbers are higher than 1 in 3 (I believe the article mentioned 1 in 4 in the US). I hadn’t had many partners before I met my wife, but even including female friends with whom I was close enough to have talked about such things, every single one of them had a story of assault in some form or Read more