8/12/20 5:00PM

I don’t know, there are some pricey-ass houses in the exurbs outside NYC. Lots of towns that are basically horses + reservoirs + raised ranches for 750 grand.

8/12/20 4:57PM

I live in a single income household because I took a long break from the workforce after brain surgery. It’s a walk-down studio apartment. No way in fuck can my boyfriend and I buy a real apartment or house until I get a job ... and we both get a *bunch* of raises. We’re 30. Are any of these commenters who think a Read more

8/12/20 4:40PM

One of the funniest things about “Candy Shop” is how it only includes one word that would get bleeped on late night TV but is still utterly and gloriously horny.

7/22/20 12:43PM

Cleveland has an excellent hospital for brain surgery and damn good chicken and waffles.

2/26/20 5:40PM

Maybe she’s dunking on Bloomberg because he sucks?

2/13/20 3:01PM

“New York common sense”? Fuck off, Rotunno. NY common sense says that men like this are dangerous schmucks.

1/30/20 2:15PM

“A few grand at most”? Yeah, like most of us just have a few grand chillin? Dear Chris Jacobs, bite me, sincerely, me and my expensive-ass medications.

1/03/20 11:04AM

I was surprised not to see Gardner on this list, even though he’s anti-choice. Maybe he knows that’s a great way to get Colorado ladies to vote for him to jump in a lake rather than return to the Senate? Read more

10/02/19 12:32PM

Now I know what he reminds me of ... Shawn in The Good Place.

9/18/19 7:39PM

I’m still surprised when I’m reminded that Warren is 70. Woman does not look or act 70. I wish I had as much energy and I’m 29.

8/29/19 7:09PM

I feel like your comment is echoed perfectly by your avatar (and both are on point).

7/08/19 5:56PM

I’m a Warren/Harris fan myself, but I also like the idea of Warren/Castro.

5/29/19 9:57PM

I think impeachment proceedings, even though there’s no way in hell that the Senate will convict, will increase votes for Democrats. It will get non-voters to get interested in politics and encourage them to vote. And it will show that Democrats have a spine. I think that impeaching the president is morally and Read more

5/17/19 5:55PM

I’m a big fan of “bench in the park” or “bench on campus” (I’m a grad student, nobody wants to cry at their lab bench)