1:56 PM

I think that falls into cinematography. JJ has mastered the technical aspects of film making so he can be trusted to make a blockbuster on time, on budget, and it can look good. Like you said I wouldn’t trust him with a script anymore.

1:50 PM

That is EXACTLY how I think of him too. The more technical aspects of film making I believe he (alongside Michael Bay) is top notch one of the best in the business. Its the stories he can never get right. Read more

1:07 PM

Seriously, the silly fanboyism of some of these comments are just so... ugh. I’m rewatching the original trilogy with my girlfriend who knows nothing about them at all and she is just kind of rolling her eyes at some parts. Like when Leia kissed Luke “for luck” she says “nobody does that, thats dumb” or how it took Rog Read more

1:00 PM

Ya... the closer we get to this the more I think we’ll be seeing a flop of epic proportions on our hand. Not only are all these games already in peoples hands and the “Google Studios” exclusives a long way off, the tech limitations that I’ve been reading about really don’t seem to have been fixed. This is looking like Read more

12:49 PM

These over the counters REALLY remind me of SARMs. So I think I’ll stay away from them too.

12:30 PM

Seriously... I’d almost like for the theaters to hand out Valium on the way in so people literally have a chill pill in their hands when walking out. Regardless of the film itself the takes are going to be so annoying.

12:27 PM

I’ll believe it when I see it but a leopard can’t change its spots. JJ is a very workman like director, inventive and daring he isn’t. We’ve seen it time and time again during his career and the more he does it the more his “mystery box” style storytelling tricks feel old. Try watching Star Trek Into Darkness again Read more

11:47 AM

Add to the fact millennial is one of the largest “Generations” (a stupid concept anyways) ever calling somebody a “millennial” is effectively worthless as MILLENIALS DONT EXIST. If one accepts the generational theory (I personally dont but thats another topic) millenials are actually two distinct generations stuck Read more

11:21 AM

I’m split on this. On one hand I am okay with people pushing past healthy limits to explore the limits of human physicality be it enhanced or natural. I think there are reasons to do that both from a competition and personal sense of self discovery perspective. This seems different, this seems like a publicity stunt Read more

9:47 AM

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, and again, and again The Terror is likely the most underrated series of recent years and might be of the decade. It has all the makings of a hit (especially among the AV Readers crowd) and almost nobody talks about it. Unlike us weirdo’s. Its a massive oversight and one that Read more

9:42 AM

Hannibal is near the top of the list. This validates it in my eyes. While I wouldn’t agree with everything especially in regards to the top 10 (a little bit of recency bias might be going on) in general I agree. I’d also settle on Breaking Bad as the consensus Best of the Decade as well especially as it was with Read more

9:32 AM

Unless they make this series REALLY tongue in cheek I cant see it working all that well. Though the fact its on HBO Max means its metrics will be a little different then TV. The original was lily white (hell they had a character named Lily) but that was the least of its issues, I dont think I need to list the issues Read more

2:10 PM

Just assume its whatever version you care most about lol. It doesn’t really matter it is an inherently subjective exercise.

12:27 PM

Often people just decide they don’t want to follow their diet but still want to workout, so they call it a bulking phase when really it’s just a break. Read more

10:18 AM

Just relative to where I was before. I use diet breaks every three weeks and my power returns within a couple days of the diet shift. I know for a fact its diet. When you’re as deep as I am pretty much everything is diet as training options become sort of limited. Read more

9:17 AM

LOL I haven’t finished Vesperia Definitive Edition either lol. I keep getting sidetracked by other Switch titles...

5:29 PM

For many the cutting/bulking cycle is a simple and effective way of organizing your training for your short term and long term goals. As while the research has shown it is not required to be in a caloric surplus to gain muscle mass, it is certainly advantageous to do so to maximize mass gains. That being said the Read more