Wednesday 7:59AM

While not a guy, that’s always been my gym “goals” as well. I want to be able to live the rest of my life and do the things I need to do without a lot of hassle. So I need to be able to wrestle my 8 foot step ladder into the house at 2am because the smoke detector is chirping. I need to be able to quickly walk through Read more

6/09/21 10:47AM

This is a great example of the kind of stuff I’m talking about. Where is the evidence that it will fuck up your back? Literally nowhere

6/07/21 3:32PM

I enjoy it when I am not cutting. Cutting sucks. My lifts stall or go down for the most part and it just feels like I get my ass kicked every day in the gym. Nagging injuries are harder to heal and it’s just less pleasant. Read more

6/07/21 2:57PM

Isn’t there a bit of bias here? Like, these are all people who not only 1) eventually started enjoying exercise but also 2) enjoyed it enough to want to discuss it online with others, often on forums dedicated to weight loss or fitness. You’re not hearing from the people who worked out daily (or near-daily) for months Read more

6/01/21 5:44PM

“Imagine if she’d joined the Army? It was segregated until 1948.”
Read more

6/01/21 5:37PM

Welcome to: When Reposting Twitter Drama Goes Wrong - AV Club Edition.

6/01/21 5:16PM

Yeah, I’d reckon most pageants in the South and Midwest have racist as hell roots. But I’m not going to blame kids and socially-obligated young adults for participating in something that lost its racist overtones decades ago.

6/01/21 5:04PM

Oh man, you didn’t check in to see how this insane stretch of a nothing-burger was getting roasted over at The Root? Cause it’s getting no traction there, and it feels like their readership should know. Read more

6/01/21 4:52PM

So she entered a pageant and/or attended some weird debutante event. Is there any indication that she was aware it had a racist history? It may be hard for some on here to believe, but googling the damn thing wasn’t an option in 1999.

5/27/21 10:33AM

Right, it’s definitely not naturally achievable for 99% of the population, but in fairness that’s almost always been true throughout history of whatever was considered an ideal physique. It’s more that the one people have settled on today feels especially dumb.

5/27/21 10:31AM

Eh I think people, pretty much from the dawn of fitness as a discipline, have been interested in doing it to improve their aesthetic. Of course the “ideal body” has been a moving target, and the big butt one that some people are chasing today feels particularly dumb, but I don’t blame people for trying. If it didn’t Read more

5/25/21 11:47PM

The upgrade you need is likely to be more weight, better programming, more appropriate nutrition, or simply more realistic expectations... Read more

5/25/21 3:04PM

I got to a sub-60 bpm resting heart rate last year (around 58 to be precise) just walking. Now I walked A LOT about 30,000 to 35,000 steps a day but it wasn’t running. Walking can really help your heart out but if you want to increase the other part of your cardiovascular system namely your lungs, you need to do more Read more

5/20/21 1:51PM

Or maybe, while it might not be the half billion dollars the Lord of the Rings series cost for season 1, the cost of getting a fantasy production off the ground is huge and it can't be justified without a season 2, so they made a decision to be pot committed? 

5/19/21 12:26PM

Exactly what I told them, they didn’t believe me.
The best thing I ever did for training was incorporating some squats into every workout, haven’t had post-leg day issues since.

1/08/16 2:51PM

Find something you actually enjoy, because it will be difficult. It will SUCK to be perfectly honest. Working out can suck unless you’re doing something you enjoy! Think of some activity you’ve always been curious about and try it. If you don’t like it, try again! If you can, pay for a class. Yes, it’s intimidating, Read more