the point is that the Gundam franchise is hopeful of the future. hopeful that humanity will eventually reach a point where we will all understand each other and put and end to these pointless conflicts.

Aug 3

I really don’t know where the hell you got the idea that I was saying the US was doing better than China but you should stop.

Jul 29

Yea one boss that’s like 80% of the way through the game definitely equals a tit show. 

Jul 29

Hey Sega! release this in the US already. people will buy it.

Jul 28

Considering that there are conflicting studies, I’m willing to let the science shake out before believing the “dream-sex with witches” doctor.

Jul 28

Ok, so now can we stop pretending just because someone is a doctor they are automatically an authority on everything? You see this shit all the time in conspiracy groups - “Well we can trust that this guy actually saw an alien because he’s a doctor!” 

Jul 25

Not a knock on you, Zack, but if a game came out today with that kind of busy style they would get destroyed in the reviews for looking outdated including here on kotaku, maybe even by you, after you posted this article. Read more

Jul 23

I’ve literally been asking “why the hell would I ever buy an Xbox” for like seven years and they continually fail to provide any sort of compelling answer.

Jul 17

The decision to cut things off so suddenly, Barry said, was borne out of a desire to raise the finale’s stakes and make Ava’s decision to fight against demons feel more personal. Read more

Jul 16

The fact that a third of the video is just him spending hours trying to figure out how to organize the cables of the liquid cooler’s radiator is disturbingly relatable. 

Jul 16

This is coming from a 30+ year Mac user: Don’t buy a Mac. They’re getting worse and worse. MacBook Pros peaked in about 2009. Everything after that has been a slow descent into mediocrity. Once the Apple-only ARM processors are fully integrated you’ll be forced into the Apple-Approved-only software ecosystem. This