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The impromptu red carpet interview was created by Joan Rivers, who had vast knowledge of the celebrities she encountered and her unique laser sharp comedic skill to make even the most banal interview fun. But Joan also had a lifelong sense of fashion and style; remember, she coined the phrase, “who are you wearing?” - Read more

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On a slight note, even if it was undestandably no longer in the top five this past weekend, Joker is at 984.7 million globally after this weekend. Which means it is probably going to break the billion dollar mark next weekend. Read more

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That’s my take as well: it’s “John Harrison is totally not Khan.” It’s “the thing in the train car isn’t an alien.” The movie is in the can at this point, and there’s little to nothing Abrams can do to change it. And he has always, always, always been a far better showman and salesman than he is a director. He missed Read more

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Johnson labored under the incorrect and arrogant delusion that there was something about Star Wars that needed fixing. Read more

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Star Wars fans want something original- but not too original. Unique- but not too unique. Serious but not too serious. And fun but not frivolous. Read more

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Star Wars Fans, 1999-2014: The prequels are garbage! Give us something more like the classic movies!

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Johnson labored under the incorrect and arrogant delusion that there was something about Star Wars that needed fixing. Read more

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I’ve been living my whole life hearing about millennials being lazy, entitled, and sensitive. Ok Boomer has at least 20 more years before we are even.

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Most of the people I know that do this are doing it specifically to change things up. Provided you’re eating enough and sleeping enough, people will get mentally exhausted from working out well before physically. By changing things up, it keeps you active actively engaged. Read more

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I couldn’t imagine having more than two credit cards. I know people have several, so it seems to me that the first step would be “get down to two credit cards” then “carry one.”

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I think the WORLD of Red Dead 2, but there’s no way you can deny the cultural impact of Fortnite over either of those games.

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It’s not just about audience reach though; Dark Souls has been incredibly influential to the artform at large.

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It’s one of the many pernicious side effects of social media, in that it allows stupid people to connect with other stupid people, and helps them convince each other that they’re all actually smart.

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Iceborne is another level, the difficulty of the monsters and the variety of attacks are so different from the main game. You’re gonna love it

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“legions of haters”

AKA people who appreciate basic coherence in storytelling. 

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Wow, they brought Yates back? Seven movies in a row. That’s a bit absurd.

They desperately needed a new voice in this franchise. Yates’s vision has grown incredibly stale.