InvadingDuck | Zachary D Long
4:05 PM

I wouldn’t say it’s over-saturated. I think the bigger problem is what you hit on: the people backing these new games want take a bite out of the success of an Overwatch or what-have-you but don’t really have the support needed to reach that goal. You can’t just pour millions into a game and expect it to compete with Read more

9:49 PM

I’d put Little Witch Academia on there because it’s just about as wholesome as as action/fantasy anime staring young girls gets. It’s got that over-the-top Trigger animation and humor (sometimes it decides it’s a mecha anime for no reason) with just a bunch of sweet characters.

7:26 PM

I remember I beat this game as a kid on December 31st, 1997, and I only remember that specific detail because it was the first New Years I stayed awake for, this was the game me and my dad played to stay awake (and he encouraged me to keep trying even as I complained the game was frickin impossible), and it was the Read more

7:22 PM

God, I actually beat this game as a kid and I still never learned how to use the flip ability consistently. As far as I know it was just kinda random, and if you messed up Scar would jump on you and maul you to death.

2:33 PM

Ok so it’s been a few days and I’d genuinely appreciate it if people could stop responding about how easy this boss fight is. I’ll concede you are big strong gamers and way better at the game than me if you admit the fight is pretty BS.

2:20 PM

Im in the same boat. I order a copy only to have it cancelled and refunded a few days later. I used to be big into collecting stuff, so I love having a little box sitting on my shelf. I don’t buy too many games nowadays, but the ones I do I really like to have a physical copy of. It almost hurt to throw in the towel Read more

3:14 PM

I wonder if King’s Canyon will be added to the map rotation or if you’ll be able to select your map. I love KC and would like the option to play on it, but I definitely feel like World’s End is the better map.

5:43 PM

That reminds me of a boss in Monster Hunter World (from the header image). There’s monster that’s basically an extremely powerful baby dragon that you have to kill before it learns how to use it’s abilities and escape into the larger world. So it starts out the fight kinda clumsy and slow, but by the end it’s Read more

1:00 PM

In Deja Loot, the loot doesn’t respawn, it just always spawns in the same place. It’s kinda fun learning where everything is, but after that it’s just kinda doing the same thing over and over until you find the most optimum loot and rotation cycle. Read more

7:02 AM

Apex Legends has an event going on, so that means a new mode and cosmetics. It’s all Cyberpunk cyborg themed and I was lucky enough to get the Bangalore and Gebralter skins. Which is nice because I didn’t have a really good Bang skin yet, and the new one is killer.

11:14 AM

Hooray! My transformation into some kind of Apex drug pusher is finally complete! (But for serious, hope your kid is having fun! Apex is a really good team game to play with friends.)

12:19 PM

I’ve been having a hot streak in Apex these last few days. Seems like every time I sit down to play I get a win. Which is nice! I’ve had good runs with characters I like and nice teammates. I kinda wish I could play around the same time some of my friends play, but they always seem to log in when I’m at work. Still, Read more

5:36 PM

I kind of said this when the first preview came out, but what bugs me most is that all the characters look like creepy Party City costume versions of their animated forms.

12:34 PM

I don’t know. It just feels really clunky. I have more of a background in action games and it just always felt like the controls were clunky, your attacks always come out slower than whatever your fighting, and blocking/parrying doesn’t seem to work 90% of the time. As someone who’s more used to action games like Read more

10:05 AM

More Apex Legends for me! They brought back the old map for the weekend. And even though I like the new map more, it’s nice to have a change of pace every once in a while. Read more

3:37 PM

I’m happy with King’s Canyon coming back too, but I also like World’s End. I think KC is more vertical, but in a kinda messy way. Like, you get cement strongholds overlooking canyons full of multi-story buildings and close-together shacks. So it was more vertical but also a lot more claustrophobic.

8:20 PM

2019 was kind of like that for me too playing the big games. A lot of them had qualifiers like “this game is amazing but...” or “this game is great if you like...”. Untitled Goose Game is the only nomination that I have nothing like that too add because it’s practically inscrutable for what it is: a comedy staring a Read more