And not for nothing, but she seemed friendly...

It doesn’t you should expect each Marvel show to be canceled after the next season and no more to be made.
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Spoilers for the last scene of season 2, but he infuses bullets with chi Read more

Which it had. People just have to be upset. Read more

To be fair, Iron Fist has always been a “White Savior” since he was created during the Kung Fu boom in the early 70's. Read more

Yup, only Asians know Kung-Fu.  Read more

I'm not defending bthe white savior shtick but isn't your suggestion just racist stereotypes? Read more

First picture in which they photoshop a woman to look thicker???
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I loved Alice’s thing from the comics where due to her time with the “little people” who kidnapped her when she was baby, she aged slowly, so she looked younger than she was and had kind of a timeless fashion sense. Read more

Titans Return Soundwave is getting a slight retool for WFC sometime in the next few months. It looks like they redesigns his shins a bit, but otherwise, is the same figure from 1-2 years ago. Read more

War for Cybertron: Siege toys revealed at NYCC.

Moment, more than scene. I don’t need to see Luke Skywalker bust out a Taylor Swift dance move. Read more

While I'm interested in most aspects of the show, Mandalorian fatigue is real. Read more

Only in the prequels. Boba Fett’s original actor was this guy:

Both Boba and Jango Fett were played by a Maori. Read more

If I were in the market for a villain to imitate Daredevil's fighting style, I wouldn't be looking to score a bullseye, I'd try to hire a master of tasks.
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