Fighting Polish
Jan 22 2016

Reached for comment, Kevin Love said, “I can’t really defend his firing. Or the job he did as coach. ...Actually, I can’t defend anything. Please don’t ask me to.”

Jan 10 2016

Good to know sacking the QB is considered a cheap shot. Is that you Jim Nantz?

Dec 17 2015

First Kyle transfers. Then Kyler is considering transferring. If Kylest goes, it’ll be really bad.

Sep 30 2015

So... this technology renders the vehicle safe to drive behind Volkswagens?

Sep 10 2015

“If they make mistakes, you know, it’s not like they’re professionals. They’re just amateurs. Kids, really. Young, young boys. So young, these boys. Anyway, what were we talking about?”

Aug 11 2015

I swear to the mighty gods of all that is four-wheeled, if one of you clowns buys this and so much as looks at Summit Racing... Read more