Fighting Polish
Mar 11 2016

I suspect the slowpoke in the left lane just might’ve been over there as a courtesy to the car merging on from the right, which is solid friendly driving. Do not tailgate.

Jan 5 2016

I tried to sell my wife on the virtues of this car no more than two weeks ago. She was not having it. Sigh...

Dec 26 2015

This is brilliant, and way over the heads of all these dipshits who make up the modern commentariat. Remember starred commenters? Remember how nice that was? Sigh...

Dec 10 2015

I’m sure someone else has already covered it, but the answer is always Singer.

Nov 3 2015

It’s a super-wide, perpendicular handicapped spot. Probably designed for big vans. Weird, I know, but at least the driver has a tag for it.

Nov 2 2015

I saw this Aston Martin V8 back in 2012, parked outside a greater Pittsburgh Sam’s Club.

Sep 16 2015

Chrysler ME Four-Twelve is the correct answer and has already been submitted. So I’ll say the Dodge Razor. Would’ve been fun.

Sep 9 2015

In the ‘68 Barracuda, I reciprocate waves from guys in other classics. In the e61, all I get is knowing nods from other wagon owners.

Aug 17 2015

When our supremely fucked-up football culture looks at itself in the mirror, Watt is what it sees: a big humorless white dolt who presents himself as his own private branch of the U.S. military, who supposedly eats, sleeps, and breathes FOOTBAW and goes off into the forest every offseason to train for the sport like a Read more

Jul 16 2015

It’s always the same. I see a gleaming custom hot rod. I admire the classic lines, the tons of chrome, the stance, the spotless engine bay. Then I peek in the window, and see some velour seats out of a 1980s shamebox. And then I take a dump in my hand.