Oct 7

Remember several years ago when Planned Parenthood was about to be defunded because some right wangers basically edited a video to make it look like they caught one of their Dr’s trying to sell body parts? Even after the Republicans investigated and found it to be fraudulent, they proceeded with taking away funds? And Read more

Sep 10

I think the trailer behind the Discovery held an aluminum boat - there’s an outboard motor just lying behind it. It’s astonishing that it just melted away. 

Sep 3

This seems like an interesting show.  I wonder which platform/channel airs it.  Seems like a detail that should be included in a review.

Aug 31

Brown and Manual? If that doesn’t win then I have missed the point of this website. :)

Aug 28

Regarding #1, I really like the gawker sites and it’s sad to watch them slowly come apart, but Kinja has -always- been one of the worst commenting platforms. There’s no way to collapse comments, no sorting, there’s no real threading, there’s constant gating that you have to go through to actually see more comments; I Read more

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Aug 21

This voting by mail thing is very serious. Florida has already allowed an immigrant who has worked in the US illegally (and has an anchor baby and chain immigrant parents) to vote by mail.

Aug 19

You’re very much over simplifying things. The Long Island Sound Lobster fishery collapsed, not neccisarily because of over fishing. As controls were rather strict, though less strict than Maine and Canada. But because of a combination of climate change issues, warmer waters driving stocks north. And water quality Read more

Aug 7

Yesterday I threw out "Nice Price or No Dice" kind of late in the day, but it still gained some traction.  I'll throw it out earlier today.  And I agree, the new name isn't exactly hard to figure out, but I do have to think no about it.  And if you happen to have water cooler talks with other Jalops about this the Read more

Aug 6

On January 21, 2021, President Biden needs to roll a wheelbarrow full of Dump’s executive orders out into the Rose Garden and light that shit on fire. Read more

Aug 6

Justin I believe there has been a misunderstanding here. Trail Rated on modern Jeeps simply mean it will safely navigate shopping center parking lots and the occasional drive over a curb or parking block.