Yesterday 2:24PM

She’s a great actress. I liked her in Fighting with My Family and especially Midsommar. That movie (which you could watch on Amazon Prime) was batshit crazy.  

Yesterday 1:42PM

The Ants-Men were good, though. And it would be nice to have an MCU movie that doesn’t deal in massive world ending stakes again. That’s what I’ve liked most about those so far.

Yesterday 1:27PM

Of course everyone is praising Florence Pugh, because she is awesome in everything and I hope she's in 10 of these movies

Yesterday 12:17PM

It’s one thing to bleach your skin and relax your hair he look more White, but he blew past that and went raw pork rib pink.

Yesterday 10:46AM

I blame Sammy Sosa for all this shit.

Wednesday 10:39PM

You know for once in these comment sections could we not have some white assholes talking over PoC when it comes to colorism among their community and shouting “Teh Left is Canibalizing Itself!!!!?!!!” when the topic of colorism is even brought up? It’s not a new discussion, it’s just a discussion that’s becoming more Read more

Wednesday 4:24PM

Why extend your credibility to people who don’t deserve it? Why make it that much harder to call the GOP what they are? “Oh, they’re dangerous and ignorant hatemongers who want to essentially end the concept of popular democracy in America? Why’d you have a bunch of them over for a big happy time dinner then?” Read more

Wednesday 1:17PM

Method acting doesn’t mean you stay in character 24/7, in fact most “Method actors” don’t do that at all. It’s a range of techniques actors can use to elicit subtle, realistic performances. You just never hear about an actor using those techniques to play a nice character because that doesn’t make for an interesting Read more

Wednesday 11:10AM

Now we get to sit back and watch the internet show its collective ass by going after Rita Moreno. The fun part of this is going to be when folks see that Moreno is old enough to give zero fucks what anyone thinks.