Yesterday 2:30PM

I believe you are correct. I don’t think Neo is ever in leather. Trinity wears leather the most, Morpheus and other members of the team do it occasionally.

Sunday 9:26PM

Actually the usage of wire work and wire stunts has increased along with the evolution of cgi.

Sunday 8:49PM

At this stage, my expectations of the Wachowski’s are moderate: cool looking people doing Kung Fu, glimmers of visual genius as in Speed Racer or Sens8 and earnest metaphysics.

Sunday 2:50PM

When I signed on, I said the three things I want are a leather jacket, sunglasses, and some wirework. I got two out of the three
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Saturday 7:34PM

Reddick’s role in Horizon Zero Dawn is almost an audition for Wesker, the characters are similar amoral, intellectual, power hungry manipulators.

Friday 7:27PM

Fred and Daphne were boring and overdressed. What the hell was that thing around Fred’s neck supposed to be, an ascot or a Boy Scout scarf? Velma wore comfortable sweaters, knew shit and was comfortable hanging around the team stoner. 

Friday 3:31PM

The Black Cauldron creates invincible undead warriors just like the Red Room creates Black Widows that are dead inside, young Natasha is an orphan protected by a big, lovable goofball that initially seems intimidating — I can see it!

Friday 2:08PM

No disrespect intended, this was a fun article, but its almost a natural law at this point that clickbait headlines promising something will “surprise” the reader practically rarely do. Thelma and Louise, war and militia movies make a lot of sense as influences for a Black Widow movie. If one replaces Johansson and Read more

Thursday 5:27PM

Yes, I have been having this problem for almost a week. I can’t tell if its simply lack of maintenance or something more nefarious, but I haven’t noticed any posts from GMG acknowledging it.

Thursday 4:56PM

Bathurst, played in this life by Chiwetel Ejiofor, is the leader of the Nihilists Read more

Thursday 4:28PM

I was hoping to see the Kids: Two Gun Kid, Rawhide Kid and Kid Colt.

Wednesday 8:19PM

Add Jet Li to the cast and you have the slightly obscure, but popular in Eastern markets: Read more

Wednesday 8:11PM

I think its suspicious that we haven’t seen what happens when the TVA uses a device to reset the timeline, but that also means you could be right. But I don’t think we would have seen an officer treating the kid roughly, or zapping that variant (painfully) out of existence for not having a ticket if the wanted us to Read more

6/08/21 6:05PM

I think your points about the Paul brother’s boxing grifts taking advantage of deficits in modern combat sports, Nathan, but its also stealing from sports entertainment — WWE and the like — and supplanting that model. Pro wrestling used to be the home of outlandish, heightened characters like Jake and Logan and Read more

6/06/21 9:49PM

Bourdain was the son of a record executive and a New York Times editor. He attended college prep day school and Vassar. Bourdain’s appreciation of the industry and creativity of ordinary folks was genuine and passionate, but he came from a highly educated, somewhat privileged background.

6/06/21 8:52PM

Recasting with younger actors is not a big issue imo. Crowe and Bettany were great in the original Master and Commander, but its been long enough since those performances that the studio can reboot and present a fresh take. Read more