Jul 18 2019

Love menstrual cups! I’ve been using them for 7 years and it was life changing. No more dryness. No worries about hygiene when I pee or poop (like with tampon strings). Infrequent cleaning and changing and I have a moderate to heavy flow on my first few days. I can insert it a day or two before my period starts so I Read more

Jul 12 2019

I know this is an oooold article but miscarriage stories are important! I was 5 weeks pregnant when I started miscarrying. So, very very early. I already had a 13 month old daughter and was actively trying to conceive. I didn’t take time off work, but did need to take time for appointments to make sure I was Read more

Jun 25 2019

I have wanted her to run for president since about 2013. She isn’t perfect (no one, especially a politician is) but damn is she so fucking smart and no nonsense. Her policies are clear, they help those who need help the most and they make so much fucking sense. She also speaks very well and generally does well on the Read more

May 30 2019

They are the sorts of people that I always think to myself “I don’t know how to explain to you that you should care about other people"

May 28 2019

In most provinces in Canada (probably all but I don’t know that for sure) once your child is old enough to go to school all vaccines take place at school (with a signed permission slip of course.) We have universal health care (well mostly) so that makes sense. On PEI when I was growing up they had super cheap dental Read more

Apr 8 2019

Oh Canadians servers get paid significantly better. They make the regular minimum wage (generally the same for all workers, depends on the province) ranging from $11.06-$15.00 (depends on the province) an hour plus tips. My understanding is in the US it’s a waaaayyy lower minimum wage for servers plus a tip, like Read more

Mar 1 2019

I am covered in horror goosebumps after reading that. 

Feb 21 2019

I cannot put into words how heartbreaking and incredibly important your story is. So I’m just going to send some emojis 💕💕 always vote for and donate to the campaigns of the most pro choice candidates and send some positive energy into the universe for all of the devestated parents out there. Read more

Jan 26 2019

I am not currently married (I am a divorcee after a 5 year marriage) and currently in a 5 year relationship and we have an 8 month old baby together. I was actually asking because while my partner is pretty great (especially since our daughter’s birth) about helping out without me asking or without expecting praise Read more

Jan 22 2019

That is probably one of the most comprehensive lists of household chores and child rearing tasks I have ever read. Have you ever shared this list with your partner? Not giving advice, I’m just curious how he reacted. I'm guessing defensively.

Jan 3 2019

I agree with the first half of your post but totally disagree on the cousins versus siblings and ages for kids in the tub. It’s super common to bath all small children at the same time (otherwise it would take a ridiculously long time to get everyone to bed, especially on your own). The same applies for cousins to all Read more

Dec 13 2018

Way to go California! The amazing thing is, it’s not like they had to do all of these expensive, difficult things to have such a huge decrease in maternal death rates! They identified what was causing the most deaths (hemorrhage and preeclampsia) then figured out ways to combat them. They encouraged doctors to stop Read more

Nov 7 2018

Yup you are 100% correct. So many people vote Republican because they are pro life. They don’t even consider looking at Democrat candidate because of it, even if they highly disagree with the Republicans stance on everything else. It’s astounding. But I mean they truly believe abortions kill babies so how do you Read more

Nov 1 2017

I live in Manitoba, Canada and the same thing happened to me. My period usually came like clockwork, I took a test the afternoon it should have arrived and bam, positive. The women’s clinic had no openings for a month so referred me to ob/gyns taking patients. When I contacted my eventual ob/gyn she didn’t do surgical Read more

Jul 21 2017

Can you elaborate on the cultural problems? I’m fascinated! I absolutely love my ob/gym and can’t imagine going to someone else.

Jan 18 2016

I read that we don’t vaccinate against TB anymore because 1) it is generally uncommon in western countries and 2) if you have had the vaccine and get a TB test it has a high false positive rate. This is an issue because as we know you can still contract a vaccine preventable illness if you have had the vaccine. For Read more