General Jinjur of the womens' army
Jul 29 2019

I mean, shit, they managed to make fucking Las Vegas more trashier. Read more

Jul 29 2017

I’m not from the UK, but I’ve spent a lot of time watching this because ‘right to die’ and ‘should we keep people alive just because we can’ are of interest to me. Read more

Dec 15 2016

I’m so confused by this question. Are you ever too old for Muppets?

Dec 15 2016

Nightmare might be too scary. Muppet Christmas Carol is my favorite. They’re not too old for Muppets, right?

Nov 30 2016

Well, this post turned out not to be at all what I was expecting.

Nov 1 2016

he’s probably not. but we wont know until the meet each other.

Oct 31 2016

I’ve been watching this from the start and I am convinced that the true hero of this series is Delores. She is moving through the Hero’s Journey. Hell, last night she even consulted the Oracle. Read more

Oct 21 2016

Both of these have been in heavy rotation.

Aug 25 2016

I just poop at work because I like to think in that specific moment, someone is paying me to poop.

Aug 24 2016

Is it me or do you picture ABIL as played by Randy Quaid?

Aug 21 2016

you say true, i say thank ya.

Aug 21 2016

please please please do not skip wizard and glass - like everything else in this masterwork, it connects elegantly to that which came before and that which follows - i set my watch and warrant on it. Read more