General Jinjur of the womens' army
2:27 PM

I love the water bank line from Laniege, wish Target still carried them at the “fancy” target in my area or atleast online. Where do you order your from?

12:28 AM

If you’re in the freemont area there’s a great burger place right on the freemont and LasVegas Blvd intersection or if you walk up the street a few blocks The D has Detroit style coney dogs. The best buffet on Fremont is at Main St. Station. Also Atomic liqueurs at the south end of freemont is great and they just Read more

3:29 PM

Our past main stage shows were 4-5 people, except one original show where we had around 15. We also do stage readings throughout the year. As for make up, we’ve had a fairly diverse group the last couple auditions, for age and background.

3:21 AM

Hi, I work with a small theater company and would love some script recommendations. My personal tastes skew towards darker comedy, I worked Becky Shaw earlier this year and enjoyed but didn’t love it. My favorite show in the last year or so was foxfinder. The company I work with tends to favor more “underrated” shows, Read more

9:20 PM

This is what I’ve been using, it’s lasted me forever. But I don’t do my brows everyday. But it is fantastic, I think I bought off of a recommendation of GTer, I know I’ve recommended a couple time since.

10:33 PM

I was offered and accepted the stage manager position for this semesters show at school last week. And I was also asked to SM a small stage reading in a couple weeks for a small theater company in town. Yay for packed schedules!!

3:41 AM

I'm originally from Pittsburgh and there is a lot of food items I wish I could out here on the west coast. Big lots just started last year selling Synder of Berlin potatoe chips off and on which is great, once they even had the bbq flavor and I bought like three bags. There's a grocery store across town that sells Read more