It's a "Porch-uh"
Jun 24

Except he is still a victim. No, not with the noose (alleged or otherwise) directly, but with the response. All this needed from anyone was “Oh, it’s not a hate crime. This is good news!”

Instead, a massive response was basically “HA SEE WE TOLD YOU IT WASN’T RACIST THAT BLACK DRIVER WAS LYING NOW TELL THAT BLACK Read more

Jun 16

Luv, you cannot reason with the unreasonable. PeriodT. Seriously. We need to save and protect our sanity first and foremost. The fight for our basic survival does not ebb nor flow with these reprobates. For me and mine, we’ve got bigger fish to fry than, than, well, these basement dwellers who are trying to deflect.

Jun 14

In all honesty, I don’t think Trump himself purposefully scheduled the event on Juneteenth in Tulsa, simply because he’s too ignorant about...everything. I have no evidence of this, but the timing and city choice smells more like Stephen Miller to me.

Jun 11

Yeah, Trump is too stupid to know the significance of the date and location. His worm-filled brain only cares about having one of his hate parties. At this point Trump is becoming so feeble-minded that he’s basically being used by the people around him like Barr, Pompeo, and Miller to advance their agenda. He’s the Read more

Jun 9

If Mr. Lucas had behaved like she did, I think the police would have treated him very differently.

Jun 5

This seems like an unlawful seizure, interruption of mail service and actual government censorship, based on the messages printed on the masks. Add that to the willful disregard for health and safety by making the masks unavailable to users. Read more

Jun 4

Mayor Fischer is the Mayor. He is the duly elected executive of Louisville. Those cops are employees of the people of Louisville. Read more

Jun 4

They should do some type of pro-societal work per term which amounts to maybe 3 or 5 projects that betters a community outside your race like how lawyers do pro bono work. Read more

May 2 2017

You left out one reason: it makes you uncomfortable. I am pretty sure that there’s a ton of people flying/wearing Confederate flags simply because it rustles the jimmies of decent human beings (or that’s their intent, anyway), and they get off on that. This is of course in addition to the other reasons listed.