You gotta love the showmanship inherent in his obviously staged situation room photo “during” the raid that killed Al-Baghdadi:

The male subject responded, ‘no, can you give me 10 seconds.’” Read more

very cool we live with millions of fucking lunatics who think shit like this  Read more

Oh good, the 14 year-old white boy Barstool Sports crowd is commenting now Read more

It’s also disingenuous. The argument that players deserve play (they do) is independent of whether Tony Bennett deserves a raise (he does). Read more

The clear winner of this one was the 13 year old boy that had his birthday party at Hooters. Read more

There is a bright side, I guess  Read more

Yes. Just like President Trump’s actions have been 3D spock level chess strategy no can can fully comprehend. Then again, sometimes idiots will idiot and end up perfectly parallel parking. Read more

It’s too bad. Brown seemed to really want to be on the Raiders, but ultimately he just got cold feet. Read more

This guy is mentally unstable. He can't last at a franchise like NE. He needs a Antonio Brown whisperer like what Marvin Lewis did for Burfict. That probably doesn't exist in the league right now. Read more

He apparently told cops he pulled his pants down during the WSOP because he had lost a bet. Read more

What happens in Las Vegas stays in the Southern Nevada Corrections Center Read more

When discussing Cousins and Alabama, one has to be a little more specific. Read more

“I don’t think he did anything wrong, in fact it sounds like this is all her fault”  Dave Chappelle Read more

“the recording was made last Friday, when she and her son were at a trampoline park.” Read more

Jesus, you BOTH did it wrong. It would actually be:
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No, you’re doing it wrong! Read more