Oct 24 2019

It’s been my experience that I have much greater success with women when I simply walk up and grab 'em by the pussy.

Aug 30 2019

I’m a 50-something man who, like everybody else, has experienced enormous joy and tragedy in my life. And as I type this I’m sitting in a coffee shop, tears running down my face, for a family I never knew. Read more

Aug 26 2019

Dom, while I appreciate the acknowledgment about the Lions, and equally obvious hot take would be to proclaim that the sun is pretty fucking hot. That said, here is the list of STARTING QUARTERBACKS for the Lions during their impressive run of absolute futility: Read more

Aug 13 2019

For the love of God, and your unborn child, do NOT allow him/her to be a Lions fan. That's like encouraging him to collect Betamax tapes.

Jul 22 2019

This will probably qualify him to get his own sport radio talk show in the next week or so.

Jul 18 2019

True story. 4 months ago I decided to surprise my parents by flying into town, unannounced, and spend a quality few days with them. Arrived around 10:30 in the morning, rented a car and drove to their house. Got there around 11:30 (again, in the morning), the front door was open and I walked in expecting them to be in Read more

Jul 16 2019

Here are the quarterbacks Sanders lined up behind during his career at Detroit. Keep in mind, these are the fucking STARTING QUARTERBACKS!!! Read more

Jul 16 2019

In all fairness, it’s widely believed that the night manager at a bowling alley is the most coveted of time slots.