I Had a Pug Named Bowie
Oct 10 2019

He’s straight up garbage. He is the worst and it’d be great if people could get get on the right side of history and call him a monster. It’d be a first time but he’s also the fucking worst. Read more

Sep 6 2019

I love that they went with the first title that they thought of, and stuck with it. 

Aug 15 2019

Can we all take a minute to acknowledge trailblazer Katy Perry for bisexualizing sexual harrassment? Another civil rights milestone!

Jul 9 2019

God, they were such a beautiful couple. I want nothing more than Mariah to have her happily ever after. I was devastated when she and Nick broke up, but they’re so supportive and loving to one another that I’m so glad she got a friend for life out of him. After everything that happened with Tommy, she deserves to have Read more

Apr 16 2019

And bags. Anyone that insists on cash money in hand before she will perform and put in her purse and carry it to the stage so it never leaves her sight is a damn smart woman. 

Apr 10 2019

Looking forward to everyone shitting on Kim because HOW DARE SHE do something to educate herself.

Mar 6 2019

I misread her, then. Instead of keeping quiet and letting him go because she was scared/uncertain, it was more the posture of a parent allowing a teenager to blow off steam while knowing it’s only steam. That also totally makes sense.  I mean, either way, R Kelly is a garbage person throwing a tantrum and I’m glad she Read more

Jan 26 2019

Yeah, i’m pretty sure the “real tragedy” is Michael Jackson raping children.

Jan 17 2019

But Emily Blunt did Lip Synch Battle because it was a game that she, her husband, and Stephen Merchant created and used to play in their living room when they were drunk at dinner parties. Then they played it with Fallon, now it’s a whole thing. She’s the hipster of lip synch battles, she did it before it was cool.

Jan 17 2019

She’s definitely an LA local with the afternoon free, and she’s definitely had an edible.

Jan 4 2019

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the only person who should host the Oscars is Billy Eichner. I DON’T SEE WHY THIS IS HARD!!!