I Had a Pug Named Bowie
Jul 9 2019

I’d be willing to bet Mariah never slept with James Packer. Maybe she let him get to second base. Eminem said in a song (The Warning) that they only slept together once and I don’t think she counts him in her list. I would definitely include Luis Miguel, they were together for three years and she *adored* him.

Aug 31 2018

I really, really like him. He’s not threatened by her at all, on the contrary: he’s happy to celebrate her and encourage her and he’s not intimidated by her being the star of the relationship. I think she got herself a good one.

Jun 4 2018

His eyes, so serious and solemn, his hand over his heart, his smugness filling the elevator... And the paper bag.

Apr 25 2018

When they met the Obamas at the White House and Trump left her behind Barack went straight to her to help her up the steps. He and Michelle ushered her into the house behind Donald. Melania smiled then, too.

Apr 11 2018

Also, a lot of young boys look up to him. I do think the new generation is more in touch with their feelings, and having a star like The Rock making it okay to reach out for help only makes it easier for them to do the same.