May 1 2016

Alternate question: why do bikes often have their chains on the right side and motorcycles on the left?

Apr 15 2016

Actually, a lot. lol. Boston has a bunch of older RS6s roaming around.

Apr 7 2016

Yeah but VW also sells a shit ton more cars than Ferrari or Infiniti. It would be interesting to divide these numbers based on the amount of cars produced by each company over a specified timeframe. Read more

Mar 30 2016

Jalopnik writers have recently been slacking in headlines.

Mar 21 2016

Tangentially related, but it also really frustrates me when people buy new cars because they’re better on the environment. Sure, they might be more fuel efficient, but the energy and resources required to build a new car far outweigh the pollutants coming out of the new car’s exhaust pipe.

Mar 20 2016

The mechanic thing really isn’t true. If you have a good relationship with your mechanic and you trust each other, then they’re going to point you in the right direction. Read more

Mar 15 2016

“Will”? Okay, let’s tone it down, Mr. Clickbait. Let’s change the headline to “Analyst Projects The Apple Car Might Go On Sale For $75,000 By 2021"

Jan 14 2016

I can’t bring myself to like this kid. Maybe it’s because he’s so young and I’m a little jealous, but there’s something about him.

Jan 13 2016

I fail to see the problem with using a physical knob. A physical knob will always do a better job than hand gestures, voice commands, or telepathy.

Dec 15 2015

Intake inside of the cabin? Just above his shoulder on the left.

Dec 12 2015

That’s fine and all, but I’ll just take a cabin that looks like this.

Dec 5 2015

Petrolicious is pretty and whatnot, but nobody else does automotive pornography quite like Evo. They always have some incredibly breathtaking shots in all of their content.