Jun 30 2016

Everything I want is too expensive and by the time I can afford it humans won't be allowed to drive anymore. Doesn't sound like life is worth living

Jun 24 2016

Convertibles rule. Not so much for when it’s sunny out, but between 40ºF-75ºF or warmer at night? Oh yeah, baby. Honestly it’s like all my favorite parts of motorcycling with significantly less danger and inconvenience.

Jun 15 2016

I know it is a joke ... but be careful. It is nice to see a car company to build something no one asked for.

Jun 9 2016

to “defend” Mercedes: it takes good eye for design and lots of attention to differentiate C,E and S from each other.

Jun 3 2016

I actually really like this era of Jetta! Much like the W202 Mercedes, I feel like this design still looks “modern” even though it most definitely is not. Though the Mark III was a staple of my high school parking lot... barely even see those any more. All rusted away?

May 31 2016

I think a show with Reid, Harris, and LeBlanc would work well.

May 16 2016

Leave it to Americans to post some simple minded explanation for a complicated situation in order to score some incredibly lame political points at home.Corruption and mismanagement over the years has left the country dependent on oil money that is continually siphoned off by corrupt officials. This has happened Read more

May 16 2016

The problem is from corruption at an epic level.

May 13 2016

Those Porsche wheels never bothered me; I actually like them. The NSX though... tsk. I always found the massive blob and ACURA text to take away from the interior look. If they have to have text, I think it should have been NSX. Read more

May 11 2016

Say what you want, but the Ridgeline is almost perfect for the average Joe who wants a pickup but doesn't actually haul that much shit.