Today 1:12AM

The Belgians might have been stuck with the stuff that existed before MREs.  And you were pretty spoiled.

Today 1:11AM

Yeah, I don’t know why people have such weird expectations about MRE quality. It’s edible. You only need water, and you can heat it yourself. It’s nutritious. Never goes bad and it’s fuckin’ rugged.  You shouldn’t eat them all the time, but that’s if you have options.  If you don’t, MREs are fine.

Yesterday 9:19PM

if you sell food and don’t have a generator on site I don’t think it would even be legal for you to stay open during a widespread power outage, you can’t control the electrical grid and you can’t properly refrigerate or cook your food without electricity

Yesterday 10:26AM

I wonder how much of this is being driven by the pursuit of “quarter over quarter profit increases” design to juice the stock price so upper management can cash out at a peak?

Yesterday 9:15AM

Civilian stuff is way better. And more expensive.
Military stuff is never good quality, it’s the cheapest thing that checked all the marks. and in the case of MREs, the marks are:
-Be a complete meal with everything needed
-Not make you violently puke it out before it is digested

And that’s it.

Civilian camping gear is way Read more

Yesterday 6:37AM

I have lived of them in the field on a deployment when they couldn’t get hot chow to us. They gave us two a day because they are incredibly calorie dense. A trading economy opened up almost immediately amongst us in the crackers and cheese spread... The ritual of getting your two meals each day was also complicated Read more

Yesterday 6:19AM

As vet myself, I can honestly say that I loved the MREs that I had access to. Especially the ham and shrimp jambalaya. Sure some were not great, but every last one of them was better than jumping in a dumpster for dinner. Maybe I just have the preferred palate for MRE consumption.

Yesterday 2:29AM

I got a shelf full of it, and that’s been my experience too :)
It’s good, but too dystopian to eat at home for me. But as hiking food, it’s incredible. Way better than most freeze dried stuff I have access to, and cheaper too.
Their protein shake mix stuff is also a lot better than everything I’ve tried before as Read more

Thursday 1:58PM

Oh, and jalapeno cheese on crackers, have plenty of liquid to drink when you do though. 

Thursday 1:01PM

Who eats at Subway? My dad, who has been scientifically proven to have the worst palate in the history of the world. You point him at shitty food and terrible wine and he is in heaven. He probably eats Subway twice a week, despite the fact that the Subway nearest to us is on the same strip of road as a Panera, Read more

Thursday 12:26PM

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the fact that Subway has more global locations than McDonald’s is supposed to have a lot to do with the fact that Subway is the cheapest fast food franchise you can open from what I understand. With that information in mind, this reads to me as if they’re trying to bring themselves more in Read more

Thursday 9:23AM

Yes. The bread is essentially cake but the meat is worse. I had no choice but to eat there a few years ago, only option on a military base in the middle of nowhere. The tuna is...edible compared to the cold cuts. Tastes like nothing compared to good tuna but the texture is right. And it doesn’t get that layer of Read more

Thursday 9:09AM

This is clearly sabotage from corporate so that they can get a bailout from the federal government. Makes me not want to go there at all

Wednesday 11:43PM

They’ve been expanding like crazy over the past two decades, which is why when the pandemic hit, every other major chain saw a modest increase in year-to-year sales of 5 - 10%, but Subway lost 40% of sales in that same period...despite already having things like curbside and contactless pickup in-motion when Read more

Wednesday 7:22PM

Is Subway Corporate run by GameStop or something? This is bullshit lol

Wednesday 3:08PM

This does seem to be the death throes of one of the biggest chains in existence.