Yesterday 3:44PM

She’s probably trying to write and record songs she wants to write and record without regard to what cugamer is concerned with. 

Friday 2:57PM

I’d like to see your data source abour MREs being bad on purpose.

Friday 2:35PM

I love MREs. They kept me alive for weeks on end in Kuwait and Iraq. Now I use them as my go to camping food supply. I’ve never had one break or leak, even my emergency chow that got knocked around a duffle for months across the mid-east. Anybody breaking these things open is an idiot or trying to break them open.
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Friday 2:05PM

Why, then, aren’t you presented with each of the topping options the store has?

I’d like a Whopper please.

Would you like lettuce, tomato, onions, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, cheese, bacon, and /or bbq sauce on that?

At what arbitrary line does offering all the options stop?

Wednesday 4:28PM

Because the are conveniently located, fast, reasonably cheap, open until the wee hours of the night, and provide sustenance.  All that combined makes them an excellent choice when I don’t feel like making my own food.

Wednesday 2:44PM

I’ve been cooking for 24 years. I have a degree in culinary arts. I have never even heard of a hob. Are you just talking about putting it on a shelf over the stove?

Wednesday 1:40PM

Your reading comprehension and conversation tracking are unparalleled. However, you are oddly aggressive in your statement concurring with the point of my posed questions. It is the company, BK in this case, that dictates their own standard. Therefore, Glen and Click 2 have no place in questioning the business Read more

Wednesday 11:52AM

Read the comment thread homie. This response is part of a developed conversation, not directly in response to the article.

Wednesday 10:09AM

Which is exactly why they present the other options to you. You are already ordering the standard, which in this case is a small. Therefore, to ensure the customer knows all the options available to them, the store identifies those options.